Ohio Public WorksWise Resources

WorksWise is our online portal that allows our customers to apply for OPWC grant and loan funds, process disbursement requests to vendors, submit relevant project documentation and schedule information, and navigate loan repayments all in one place!  WorksWise is used to manage and maintain your OPWC infrastructure and Clean Ohio projects. 

For questions, reach out to your program representative, https://pwc.ohio.gov/Home/Staff-Directory

Public WorksWise Testimonial:

"It was absolutely wonderful, easy to navigate, allowed you to edit, delete, add without issues, and your tutorial was fabulous… this is very well designed.” – J. Henry, Knox County

"Watching the WORKSWISE training video last summer gave a good overview with promises that the new system would mirror the existing system. I have heard similar promises before, so I was skeptical. I am pleased to report that everything worked as predicted!" – D. White, Summit County

Requesting Access to WorksWise

OPWC guarantees each community/subdivision at least one license to access WorksWise to apply for funding and request disbursements once funded. Additional requests for access may be granted. A login is only required for those individuals who will be submitting new project applications or will be submitting disbursement requests for existing projects. A login is not required to view projects or make loan payments. Anyone can access the public portal without a login here, https://ohio-das.force.com/pwc/s/.

To request a login to WorksWise, please provide the following information to your OPWC Program Representative:

  • Your Full Name
  • Subdivision Name
  • Subdivision Code
  • Address / Phone / Email
  • Employer (if not employed with subdivision)
  • Letter of Authorization form attached (if required, see below)

If you are representing multiple communities, please provide information for each community you plan to work with along with the Letter of Authorization for each. 

Letter of Authorization: If you require access for a community other than the one with which you are employed (i.e., consulting firms), a Letter of Authorization will be required to be signed by that community. Below is a link to the template that must be put on the subdivision's letter head, signed, and scanned in as a PDF. Please do not create or make your own version of this letter, the below template is the only format we will allow. 

Letter of Authorization for WorksWise access


Logging into WorksWise the First Time

Once your Program Representative enables your WorksWise account you will receive an email from WorksWise which will contain a link. The communication will notify you that an account has been created for you and that you’ll need to click on the link and set a password. Please note that the initial invitation link will expire after 48 hours. Once expired the link will redirect you to the main login website where the system will ask for a name and password. If that occurs, OPWC will have to manually send you another invitation. We ask that you open the email and setup the password as quickly as possible once received.

If you don’t receive an email from WorksWise, please follow the steps below:

1.  Make sure that the email address you provided is still valid.

2.  Check your spam folder and mark the email as safe if you find it in spam.

3.  Check with your IT personnel to see if the email was blocked at the email server or firewall (i.e. the user doesn't even see it in the spam folder).

4.  Have your IT personnel allow email from the following domains: signer-gov.esignlive.com, das.ohio.gov,  opwc.loans@pwc.ohio.govworkswise@pwc.ohio.gov and salesforce.com.

5.  Have your IT department reach out if they need additional information.

6.  If you are still experiencing issues, send an email to the appropriate program representative.

Public WorksWise FAQ's

Consultants working with multiple subdivisions

Question: We work with 20+ communities—how should we approach this situation? Is it possible to get a login and to manage all of those (with appropriate Letters of Authorization)?

Answer: You will need authorization from each of the communities that you work with to access the portal on their behalf.  If you are the preparer of their apps and disbursements, it would make sense for you to be the authorized individual.  They will still receive communication from our office via the portal.  Any community who wishes for you to be their person for entering on the portal, can give you authorization and you may work with as many communities as you wish. You will still fill out the form requesting a login and then upload your Letter of Authorization via that form. 

County Engineer's Offices Acting on Behalf of Townships

Question: As the County Engineer, I administer the projects of all of our townships as well as my own projects.  Can I administer all of the township projects still with this system and if so what is the procedure for this?

Answer: Yes, the same rule applies if you are asking to act on behalf of another community (regardless of whether you are with a consultant, county, Liaison's office, etc): fill out the signup form and upload your Letter of Authorization from the community you are representing. We will associate you with all the communities who have granted you permission. 

Do District Committee Members Need Logins?

District Committee members do not need logins unless they are also serving as an applicant. The scoring and reviewing of applications can still be done outside of the WorksWise portal and scores submitted to Liaisons. Liaisons will then compile and upload scores and create the slate of projects within the portal. 

WorksWise Password Issues

Q. What should I do if I don’t remember my password or if I try it and it’s incorrect?

A. You only have two attempts to enter your password. If unsuccessful after the second attempt, email WorksWise@pwc.ohio.gov as a third attempt will lock your account for at least 24 hours. Include a screenshot of the activity if you can and include the URL. Also, a password reset cannot be issued for 24 hours after the last reset and the initial activation counts as a password reset. This is a failsafe of the system.

Projects aren't associated with my account

Q. We have logged into WorksWise but our grants/loans aren’t listed.

A. If not currently associated with a project in WW, then you won’t see any project. Send an email to workswise@pwc.ohio.gov and cc your program rep to get access.


What is the URL to use WorksWise?

Look at the top part of our website for the link called "Customer WorksWise Portal," which links to the portal. The "OPWC Public Portal" is the non-password protected version of WorksWise with limited and basic viewing capabilities.

Why am I getting "Awaiting Signature" on my application?

Periodically, you may find that there are applications in "Awaiting Signature" status. If project applications were being signed, this would mean that it is waiting for the officials or applicant to sign. OPWC is not currently requiring the signing of applications, therefore this is a temporary status. When the customer submits their application, the application will be sent to One Span (even though it is not being signed), so One Span can be leveraged to create the PDF copy of the application for us.  When it sends the application to One Span, the status will be set to "Awaiting Signature". Shortly after (usually a couple minutes or so), the application will automatically be updated to "Signed".

If the PDF creation fails for some reason (which can be a failure to communicate with One Span, bad email addresses for the official or applicant... or other -- generally transient -- issues that can naturally occur from time to time), the application may remain in "Awaiting Signature" status.  If this happens, you can resubmit the application in order to create the PDF and move it on to "Signed" status.

If you choose this option, and the status does not change automatically (within the hour), contact your OPWC program representative for assistance.