OPWC Customer Service Policy

Every customer has the right to be treated with respect, professionalism and courtesy. To help ensure this right, each employee of the Ohio Public Works Commission must adhere to the following standards:


•  Each staff member will answer calls promptly whenever possible.

•  Staff will listen to the nature of the call, ask for clarifying information if needed, and respond to the caller's request for information. If information is not readily available or accessible, staff will research the answer and reply to the caller as soon as reasonably possible.

•  Messages will be returned expeditiously.

•  Staff voicemail messages will identify the staff member with the OPWC.

•  If a staff member will be unavailable for more than two business days, the greeting should be revised providing an expected date of return and an alternative contact and phone number.

•  When leaving voicemail messages staff members will state their name, phone number, date and time of call, and nature of call.

Written Correspondence

•  Written correspondence that is mailed and fax cover letters will be placed on the OPWC letterhead maintained with current commission members.

•  Email communications to contain a signature block including: the OPWC logo with the name of our organization, address, the staff member's phone number, OPWC's fax number, and OPWC's web site address.

•  If a staff member will be unavailable for more than two business days, an automated response should provide an expected date of return and an alternative contact with phone number and email address. All written communication will be complete, accurate and precise.

In Person Meetings

•  Customers will be greeted with a smile and with courtesy.

•  Meetings will be organized, run efficiently and be conducted in a professional manner.

•  When in the field, staff members will retain the professional manner that is required in the office.

Program Administration

•  The Commission will operate with a high level of transparency and accountability to Ohio's citizens.

•  Projects will be approved and administered in a timely and efficient manner. A District's or NRAC's annual program year submission shall be reviewed and approved within 45 calendar days.

•  Disbursement requests from local governments will be processed within 15 business days.

•  The Commission shall strive to maintain easily accessible and user-friendly documents on its web page.

•  Commission staff will provide on-going technical assistance to district integrating committees, natural resource assistance committees, and local government officials.