Infrastructure Project Administration

The items listed below apply to OPWC-funded projects and are required to be incorporated into contractual documents. The OPWC has developed proposal notes to cover these items and encourages the inclusion of its proposal notes into local bid documents to ensure incorporation of these requirements. Each topic listed beneath the Proposal Notes is accompanied by a link to either cite law or for obtaining additional information. If your project includes federal funds, check with the appropriate agency to see if federal requirements prevail (e.g. prevailing wages, removal of Ohio preferences).

OPWC Bid Proposal Notes

•  Use of Domestic Steel (Load-bearing structural purposes only) ORC 153.011 

•  State Prevailing Wages   

For wage rates select “Wage and Hour” under “Look it Up”. State Prevailing wage rates do not apply if project cost is less than the thresholds provided by the Ohio Department of Commerce. For thresholds select “Wage and Hour” under “Find Forms & Publications”.
( If OPWC project is partly funded with federal funds, ask federal fund source if federal wage rates are required which prevail over state wage rates.)

•  Unresolved Finding for Recovery which may be checked at the State Auditor’s website

•  Ohio Workers' Compensation Coverage ORC 4123.01 

•  Drug-Free Work Place 

•  Ohio Preference ORC 164.05 (A) (6) 

•  Bid Guaranty ORC 153.54 

•  Ethics Law ORC 102.03  and ORC 102.04 

•  Ohio EEO Compliance - Should you have questions about the State of Ohio’s EEO law and provisions please contact the Department of Administrative Services, EEO Division, at 614.466.8380 or by visiting their website

In addition to the above listed items OPWC contractual language requires clauses pertaining to Public Liability, Property Damage and Vehicle Liability Insurance.

•  Local Match Policy - Prepaids & In-Kind  

•  In Kind Contributions Time Reporting Record 

•  Equipment Usage Report 

•  ODOT Equipment Rates 

•  FEMA Equipment Rates (Use for equipment not identified on ODOT Schedule) 

•  Mileage Reimbursement Rate. The state rate is currently $0.55 per mile (FY 22, 4th Quarter), an increase from the historical rate of $0.52 per mile. The rate is determined by the Ohio Office of Budget and Management (OBM) and maintained on their Travel Rule webpage under Resources.

•  Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) ORC 164.07   OAC 164.1-32 This item only applies to a local government if making a direct purchase of supplies, materials and equipment. If so, 15% of those purchases must be from a state certified MBE supplier

•  ODOT’s Cooperative Purchasing Program - Local governments may use the 800 series contracts to apply toward the MBE requirement when making direct purchases. These contracts are with MBE vendors

To not delay payments, our customers are responsible for ensuring that chosen suppliers (vendors) are in the state payment system before submitting a Disbursement request. Updated as needed, this list shows suppliers that are in the system. If your supplier is not listed, please direct them to the State of Ohio’s Enterprise Identity Management System, OH|ID, to access the Ohio Supplier Portal to create an account. While there, suppliers can also apply for EFT which can reduce processing time by two or three days in that payments are completed electronically to the supplier’s bank account. The Portal is also used to make changes including addresses, name changes, and bank account information for those who currently have EFT 

Need more information? Download the OBM Supplier Portal Navigational Guide. Ohio Shared Services is also happy to help by email ( or phone (877-644-6771).

If you need to contact OPWC about your supplier, we have an email address just for you (

Please submit all disbursement requests via our online portal WorksWise, training material can be found HERE

Vendor Payee Identification Form

Please note: Changes to project officials on the Disbursement Signature Page require notification to your Program Rep via email.

Check your Payment Status 


Construction signs are not required on OPWC-funded projects. However, if a local subdivision elects to erect signage then it may want elect to follow OPWC’s recommended standard layout to increase public awareness through signage repetition.


Reasonable costs of signage are considered an eligible expense, payable at the OPWC participate rate, and should be included under "Permits, Advertising, Etc" on the disbursement. Payment requests require a photograph of the sign, invoice, and proof of payment if reimbursement.


The standardized layout is designed for an 8' x 4' sign divided into three sections.

1. The top section is for the OPWC logo graphic screen with The Ohio Public Works Commission screened over as specified.

2. The middle section includes the project name with the total project cost listed below it. 

3. The lower section is for local project information such as state and local officials, contractors, consultants, or other information pertinent to the project.

OPWC site sign layout 

The OPWC logo is available in various formats below. PNG and PDF allow transparency whereas JPG does not. There are two PNG formats. The second has white lettering suitable for placement on a darker background.