Ohio Public Works Commission Infrastructure Programs

Please contact your District or view your District webpage to determine if there are any district specific requirements or supplements to this Application. Some districts also have a pre-application process. Submit applications according to your specific district’s schedule. The application is only available as an Adobe form. It should be completed electronically, printed, and submitted as a hard copy to the district. The application can be saved if the user has Acrobat Standard or Acrobat Pro, or downloads either Acrobat or Foxit Reader from the OPWC For information on the current District Chair, District Liaison or OPWC’s Program Representative for your community call OPWC at 614.466.0880.

Visit here for information about administering your infrastructure project.

Visit here for more information about all the funding programs that OPWC offers.

The Ohio Public Works Commission uses one project application for funding for all infrastructure programs including SCIP, LTIP, Emergency, Small Government and Loan Assistance/Credit Enhancement. Please use the links below for the application instructions, forms, and required attachments.

Note:  Contact the appropriate District or visit their page on this website to determine if there are any District specific requirements or supplements to the Application.

Infrastructure Application Instructions and Required Attachments

Infrastructure Application Form                  

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Required Infrastructure Application Attachment Templates:

•  Authorizing Legislation 

•  CFO Certification of Local Funds and Loan Repayment Letter 

•  Engineer's Estimate and Useful Life Statement 

•  Cooperative Agreement (Multiple Jurisdictions) 

•  Farmland Preservation Review Letter 



Capital Improvements Report Manual

**These are no longer required by the OPWC; however, districts have discretion as to whether to include them as part of their rating and ranking process which should be specified in their methodologies. Check with your district to see if they require a CIR as part of the project application. Our most recent information indicates CIRs are only required by Districts 12, 17 and 19*. [*D-19 does not require the Summary Form and only requires the CIR for those projects that seek outside funding or specifically named, e.g. Main & Maple Turn lanes, 1st St Storm Sewer, etc. Paving programs or other recurring annual projects are excluded.]

Condition Ratings 


•  Inventory 

•  Five Year Plan / Maintenance of Effort 

•  Summary Form