Infrastructure Payment Status

In 2021, OPWC released our online portal system, WorksWise, where we accept project applications and administer our projects. We're currently still working to restore previous online reporting capabilities that our customers are accustomed to seeing for financial reporting. You can visit our public portal, HERE, to view disbursement information by project ID. Use upper right corner to search for the project, click on the project, then click on the related tab to view the disbursement activity. We know this isn't as user friendly as it should be and are working to make it easier to navigate. If you have information you are specifically looking for, but can no longer find, please reach out to your Program Representative and they can work to assist you. If you currently have a login to the Customer (Password Protected) view of WorksWise, you can login there to see the status of your submitted disbursement request. 

Our office is working hard with IT to develop the Payment Confirmation page you know and are used to. We appreciate your patience while we work to update our reporting options in the new system. 

If you need information for 2021 Year End Disbursement reporting, you can also utilize the report below that provides a complete listing of all 2021 Disbursements by Subdivision and by Project ID. 

2021 Complete Listing of Disbursements by Subdivision (Use CTRL + F to search)