If you have a loan in billing with Ohio Public Works, please use this page and the search buttons below to download your invoice for the current billing cycle. If you would like to see balance or payoff information, please click HERE to download your loan reports. Contact Abbey DeHart or Kirsten Howard with any questions.

Important Items to Note:

  • Loans may be paid in full at any time with no penalty.
  • OPWC does NOT accept lock box, ACH, or online payments at this time.
  • If you have changes to your Fiscal Officer, please notate them on the required remittance form (page 2 of the invoice) to be returned with the check.

Checks should be addressed to Ohio Treasurer and sent to:

Ohio Public Works Commission, 65 East State Street, Suite 312, Columbus, OH 43215

Subdivision Name:
Loan Number:

Subdivision #:
Invoice Number:
Invoice Number Subdivision Name Subdivision# County CFO Name Loan Number Invoice Link
110812 Adams County 001-00001 Adams David Gifford CO02P, CO14Q, CO07S View
110808 Adams County 001-00001 Adams David C. Hook CO03O, CO02H, CO05M, CO09I View
110914 Adams County 001-00001 Adams Holly Johnson CO15L View
110810 Adams County Regional Water District 001-00307 Adams Russell Gaffin CO03S, CO13M View
110819 Tiffin Township 001-76768 Adams Sharon Chenoweth CO23G View
110939 Village of Peebles 001-61420 Adams Jayme Eldridge CT40L, CO19C View
110490 Village of Winchester 001-85876 Adams Jayme Eldridge CT61F View
110976 Allen County 003-00003 Allen Brion E. Rhodes CM27H, CM15F, CM15L, CM14H, CM13M, CM16U, CM17T, CM24R, CM33Q View
111164 Bath Township 003-04206 Allen Lisa Cogley CM15M, CM02F View
110764 City of Delphos 003-21602 Allen Thomas Jettinghoff CM20T, CM18J, CM08R View
111088 Village of Bluffton 003-07426 Allen Laura Ewing CM27R, CM25P, CM26I, CM32P, CM13N, CM22C View
110757 Village of Cairo 003-10884 Allen Diane M. Miller CT37S View
110765 Village of Elida 003-24808 Allen Sandy Langhals CM18O, CM10N, CT70U View
110762 Village of Lafayette 003-41118 Allen Laura Bassitt CM10R View
111080 Village of Spencerville 003-74034 Allen Lori Och CM25B, CM22E, CM43M, CT32I View
110836 City of Ashland 005-02568 Ashland Larry D. Paxton CP15R View
111151 Sullivan Township 005-75357 Ashland Sullivan Township Board of Trustees CP21H, CP31M View
110936 Village of Hayesville 005-34636 Ashland Amy Pickering CP17N View
111043 Village of Jeromesville 005-39060 Ashland Amanda Jolliff CP35N View
110501 Village of Loudonville 005-45066 Ashland Elaine Van Horn CP14F View
111046 Village of Polk 005-63996 Ashland Sheri Ramey CT38Q View
111177 Ashtabula County 007-00007 Ashtabula David Thomas CG07G, CG08L, CG21J, CG02E, CG29I, CG32E, CG25A, CG35G, CG01R, CG13K, CG15O, CG07R, CG46T, CG06T, CG08P, CG02Q, CG12S, CG14S View
111161 City of Ashtabula 007-02638 Ashtabula Traci Welch CG02T, CG14U, CG02P, CG16Q, CG10B, CG02J, CG26K, CG27O, CG09R View
110666 City of Conneaut 007-18350 Ashtabula John P. Williams CG08Q, CG07M, CG03N, CG18J, CG13M, CG14P, CG15M, CG31N, CG28K, CG26E, CG34C, CG34G, CG32H, CG33E, CG02S, CG13R, CG08U, CG36T View
111116 City of Geneva 007-29610 Ashtabula Jennifer Cecil CG75M, CG35P, CG35L, CG42M, CG44M, CG24Q, CG34P, CG02V, CG12Q, CG04S, CG40S View
110669 Geneva Township 007-29624 Ashtabula Tony Long CG08S, CG28U, CG40P View
110445 Harpersfield Township 007-33642 Ashtabula Sharon Rohrbaugh CG44P View
110670 Hartsgrove Township 007-34300 Ashtabula Patricia Neuberger CG41P View
111077 Jefferson Township 007-38514 Ashtabula Darlene Osborne CG24O, CT12K View
110897 Morgan Township 007-52066 Ashtabula Marie Silbaugh CG33N, CG61T View
110675 Trumbull Township 007-77686 Ashtabula Marie Rohrbaugh CG62M, CG17N View
110659 Village of Andover 007-02050 Ashtabula Cathy Williams CG18N, CG07I View
110430 Village of Geneva-On-The-Lake 007-29652 Ashtabula Kimberley McKinley CT17G, CG05N, CG16E, CG28D, CG58T View
110676 Village of Jefferson 007-38500 Ashtabula Patty Fisher CG02K, CG70M, CG34N, CG38I, CG39P, CG06S View
110668 Village of Orwell 007-58856 Ashtabula Ella M. Stanton CG48O, CG40O, CG15H, CG16G, CG02L, CG06Q, CG16S, CG37T View
110533 Village of Roaming Shores 007-67600 Ashtabula Leeann Moses CU03O, CG26S, CG47O, CG39O, CG41O, CG09N, CG41S, CG31T View
110651 Village of Rock Creek 007-67846 Ashtabula Pam Forristal CT08L, CG02I, CG31K, CG22D View
111069 Athens County 009-00009 Athens Jill Thompson CR17V View
110493 Athens Township 009-02750 Athens Brenda Cox CT63B View
110908 Bishopville Water District 009-00291 Athens Katrina Keirns CR25G, CR19S View
110393 Burr Oak Regional Water District 009-00281 Athens Mark Sullivan CR22N View
110539 City of Nelsonville 009-53886 Athens Garry L. Dickerson CR04P, CR03L, CR12J, CR18O, CU11N View
110909 Sunday Creek Valley Water District 009-00219 Athens LaVerne Humphrey CR09F View
111096 Trimble Township Wastewater Treatment Dist 009-00189 Athens Amber Mayle CR09T View
110399 Village of Albany 009-01042 Athens Diana Warner CR28M, CR23D View
110383 Village of Amesville 009-01784 Athens Thomas R. McGuire CR14J View
111086 Village of Chauncey 009-13778 Athens Leslie Nicholson CT68E, CR21A View
110516 Village of Trimble 009-77406 Athens Roger Hooper CR25R View
110776 Auglaize County 011-00011 Auglaize Janet Schuler CM24F, CM36P, CM29U View
110763 City of St. Mary's 011-69680 Auglaize Douglas Riesen CM14O, CM06S View
110773 Village of Cridersville 011-19400 Auglaize Candace Stevely CM31E, CM21D, CM18L, CM17J, CM15H View
111015 Village of New Bremen 011-54194 Auglaize Amy Speelman CT33U, CM03R, CT61P, CM14R, CM17P View
110459 Village of New Knoxville 011-54838 Auglaize Abigail Homan CT40E, CT33B, CM23I, CM36M, CM13K, CM19E View
111198 Village of Waynesfield 011-82390 Auglaize Angela Burton CM10T, CM08U, CT27Q, CT43S, CT40K, CM13I View
110381 Belmont County 013-00013 Belmont Andrew Sutak CR08O View
110546 City of Martins Ferry 013-48104 Belmont Rita K. Randall CU36F, CU20D, CR09I, CR28R, CR07K, CR27M, CR18T View
110396 City of St.Clairsville 013-69526 Belmont Cindi L. Henry CR25M, CR10L, CR02Q, CR03N, CR05H, CR20H, CR23F, CR13E View
111068 Pultney Township 013-64962 Belmont Marla Krupnik CR02U View
110930 Village of Barnesville 013-03926 Belmont Vicki Magers CT66E, CT73F, CR07G, CR17I, CR18C, CR19F, CR20K, CR23L, CR24U, CR20V View
110941 Village of Belmont 013-05312 Belmont Ricky Burkhead CR22G View
110402 Village of Bethesda 013-06138 Belmont Ricky Burkhead, CR01S, CR29R, CT74T View
111081 Village of Bridgeport 013-08560 Belmont David Smith CR07I View
111057 Village of Brookside 013-09316 Belmont Cynthia Jane Weaver CR22L View
110505 Village of Flushing 013-27552 Belmont Jeryl McGaffick CT70O View
110509 Village of Morristown 013-52346 Belmont Cheryl Borkoski CT73H View
111135 Village of Powhatan Point 013-64542 Belmont Lisa Armann-Blue CR15S View
111204 Village of Shadyside 013-71640 Belmont Gerald J. Elliott CTA6M, CR30D View
110826 Fayetteville-Perry Township Regional Sewer Dist 015-00253 Brown Richard Vilvens CO28M, CO914 View
110822 Village of Aberdeen 015-00142 Brown Karen Campbell CO26C View
110518 Village of Georgetown 015-29778 Brown Natalie K.R. Newberry CO07O, CT81M View
111030 Village of Higginsport 015-35168 Brown Sheila G Dufau CT50G View
110465 Village of Mount Orab 015-52906 Brown Michael Boyd CT57R, CT43B, CO20S, CO12P, CO14N, CO16Q, CO19O, CO20D, CO20G, CO20H, CO26M View
111084 Village of Ripley 015-67272 Brown Brooke Butcher CT45L, CT43I View
110483 Village of Sardinia 015-70534 Brown Karen Miller CT53O, CO03I View
111192 Butler County 017-00017 Butler Alan Steele CJ18L, CJ16L, CJ15L, CJ35M, CJ36M, CJ05B View
110915 Butler County 017-00017 Butler Attn: Mark Medlar CJ14Q View
110719 Butler County 017-00017 Butler Roger Reynolds CJ05L, CJ04J, CJ22P, CJ23P, CJ14I, CJ14N, CJ06M, CJ07O, CJ20R, CJ18S View
111029 City of Hamilton 017-33012 Butler David Jones CJ23T, CJ02U, CJ02R, CJ09R, CJ04U, CJ03V, CJ03U View
110714 City of Trenton 017-77322 Butler Mike Engel CJ04H, CJ29S View
110715 Madison Township 017-46340 Butler Amy Schenck CJ24S View
111212 Southwest Regional Water District 017-00275 Butler Kenny Hoffman CJ14T View
111129 Southwest Regional Water District 017-00275 Butler Susan E Vance CJ18R, CJ07R, CJ13Q, CJ06S View
110720 Village of New Miami 017-55104 Butler Belinda Ricketts CJ02S, CJ24M, CJ39M, CJ06J, CJ05J, CJ01K View
110804 Atwood Regional Water and Sewer District 019-00205 Carroll Vicki Winkler CN26N View
111024 Village of Carrollton 019-12280 Carroll Darla Tipton CN27U, CT74M, CT72M, CT34L, CN26C View
110522 Adams Township 021-00212 Champaign Mary Jo Kies CT84H, CK03J View
110884 City of Urbana 021-79072 Champaign Christina Boettcher CK23R, CK26C, CK11P, CK13K, CK19O, CK21N, CK21F, CK09J View
110468 Jackson Township 021-37702 Champaign David J. Pierson CT46F View
110728 Village of Mechanicsburg 021-48706 Champaign Daniel Eck CK18R View
111083 Village of North Lewisburg 021-56770 Champaign Jennifer McCombs CT09U, CK17T, CK10V, CK21H View
111126 Village of St. Paris 021-69708 Champaign Marc McGuire CK10R View
110722 Village of Woodstock 021-86478 Champaign Tom Hallinan CK003 View
111173 City of New Carlisle 023-54334 Clark Deborah Watson CK02O, CK08G View
110736 Clark County 023-00023 Clark John Federer CK22R, CK17D, CK17I, CK15C, CK10G, CK29Q, CK08M View
110476 Pleasant Township 023-63226 Clark Sherrie Leach CT50M View
110735 Village of Enon 023-25452 Clark Diana S. McCubbin CK16J, CT34R, CK21T View
110906 Village of South Charleston 023-73124 Clark Jessica Hiser CK13Q, CT18J, CK21S View
111031 City of Milford 025-50176 Clermont Patricia Wirthlin CJ04M, CJ09I, CJ09L, CJ12G, CJ20F, CJ13S View
110721 Clermont County 025-00025 Clermont Sukie Scheetz CJ02H, CJ05A, CJ04I, CJ03G, CJ25F, CJ28M, CJ30M, CJ32M, CJ06Q, CJ09Q, CJ08D, CJ08J, CJ15E, CJ14D, CJ24F, CJ19P, CJ16K View
110961 Clermont County 025-00025 Clermont Rob Alfieri CJ04T View
110716 Clermont County 025-00025 Clermont Linda Fraley CJ17L, CJ16C, CJ19C, CJ13D View
110439 Village of Amelia 025-01742 Clermont Bill Gilpin CT26C View
110997 Village of Batavia 025-04150 Clermont John Waite CJ06U, CJ08U, CJ19V, CU17G, CJ26S, CJ26R, CJ24Q View
110499 Village of New Richmond 025-55384 Clermont Lyn Baird CT65J, CJ17E, CJ21F View
110717 Village of Williamsburg 025-85288 Clermont Michael Murray CJ19M View
111022 Village of Blanchester 027-06908 Clinton Jewelie Casteel CJ16S, CJ14M, CJ10K, CJ02O, CJ04N, CJ04P, CJ02L View
110718 Village of Clarksville 027-15406 Clinton Wanda Armstrong CJ21P, CJ04C View
111092 Village of New Vienna 027-55748 Clinton Amanda Ely CJ11F View
110469 Village of Sabina 027-69400 Clinton Nancy L. Cornell CT46M, CJ02N View
111105 Buckeye Water District 029-00247 Columbiana Tiffany Chetock CN23T, CN24G, CN901, CN27R View
110801 City of Columbiana 029-17036 Columbiana Michael A. Harold CN36M, CN24O, CN14D, CN23S View
110786 City of East Liverpool 029-23730 Columbiana Terry Sprague CN02E, CN06O, CN18B View
110791 City of Salem 029-69834 Columbiana Betty Brothers CN25L, CN17N, CN17C View
110972 City of Wellsville 029-82740 Columbiana Hoi Wah Black CT49E, CT44E, CT69M View
110800 Columbiana County 029-00029 Columbiana Nancy Milliken CN03K, CN12N, CN22N, CN24D, CN20J, CN33F View
110474 Village of East Palestine 029-23940 Columbiana Traci L. Thompson CT48O, CN23K, CN26I, CN27E View
110484 Village of Leetonia 029-42560 Columbiana Randy Chismar CN29Q View
110797 Village of Lisbon 029-44030 Columbiana Tracey Wonner CN32B, CN17P, CN14J View
110975 Village of Salineville 029-70100 Columbiana Donna M. Rudder CT46E View
110787 City of Coshocton 031-18868 Coshocton Sherry Kirkpatrick CN19M, CN23N, CN10K, CN12F, CN15N, CN06B, CN09O, CN18R View
110798 Village of Conesville 031-18266 Coshocton Attention: Fiscal Officer CN32D View
111097 Village of West Lafayette 031-83608 Coshocton Amy Bourne CN34R, CN31D, CN16G, CN20Q, CN19N View
110854 Bucyrus Township 033-10044 Crawford Chuck Grau CP36Q View
110852 City of Bucyrus 033-10030 Crawford Joyce Schifer CP26F, CP32J, CP12H, CP03P, CP01D, CP07J View
110840 City of Galion 033-29162 Crawford Brian L. Treisch CP20G, CP18D, CP29Q, CP05S, CP12V View
111036 Crawford County 033-00033 Crawford Douglas J. Weisenauer CP30R, CP18H View
111169 Village of Crestline 033-19330 Crawford Sherry Winch CP32E, CP25I, CP18L, CP29R, CP32Q, CP35U View
110553 City of Bay Village 035-04416 Cuyahoga Renee Mahoney CA21B, CA10N, CA09P, CA13P View
110557 City of Bedford 035-04878 Cuyahoga Frank Gambosi CA09I, CA14B, CA14E, CA31N, CA23O, CA09K View
110555 City of Bedford Heights 035-04920 Cuyahoga Ted Gordon CA24T, CA26N, CA20L View
111085 City of Berea 035-05690 Cuyahoga Andrea Morris CA19N, CA15N, CA14P, CA09J, CA08H, CA02J, CA06S, CA15T, CA04S View
111133 City of Brecksville 035-08364 Cuyahoga Laura Starosta CA10F, CA21G, CA20O View
110550 City of Brook Park 035-09288 Cuyahoga Gregory Cingle CA02Q, CA07I, CA04M View
111035 City of Cleveland 035-16000 Cuyahoga Rachel Fellure CU17P View
110548 City of Cleveland 035-16000 Cuyahoga Sharon A. Dumas CA05A, CA05C View
111004 City of Cleveland Heights 035-16014 Cuyahoga Laurie Sabin CA20H, CA29M, CA22B, CA10P, CA12D, CA04F, CA09B, CA05K View
110544 City of East Cleveland 035-23380 Cuyahoga Jack Johnson CA02D, CA08A, CA15L, CA22H, CA23A, CU30J, CA509 View
110912 City of Euclid 035-25704 Cuyahoga Nancy Fisher CA23K, CA19K, CA17L, CA03B, CA03D, CA02B, CA02C, CA04I, CA04B, CA08E, CA10H, CA09M, CA12C, CA15K, CA12H, CA14H, CA23M, CA18L, CA28N, CA07M, CA17N, CA01S View
110547 City of Fairview Park 035-26446 Cuyahoga Greg Cingle CA03L View
111053 City of Highland Heights 035-35252 Cuyahoga Joseph G Filippo CA15C, CA03K, CA07B, CA12A, CA11B, CA14R, CA11S View
111194 City of Independence 035-37240 Cuyahoga Gus Katsas CA07N, CA14Q View
110554 City of Lakewood 035-41664 Cuyahoga Jennifer R. Pae CA12R, CA15E, CA09G, CA08B, CA18D, CA23C, CA09T, CA13T, CA16S, CA09Q, CA01C View
111186 City of Maple Heights 035-47306 Cuyahoga Tinita Tillman CA12M, CA03O, CA08D, CA05O, CA07F, CA03R, CA06R, CA15P View
111183 City of Mayfield Heights 035-48482 Cuyahoga Karen Fegan CA04J, CA16H View
110559 City of North Royalton 035-57008 Cuyahoga Eric Dean CA14O, CA10G, CA16P View
111159 City of Olmsted Falls 035-58422 Cuyahoga Vic Nogalo CA18H View
110931 City of Parma 035-61000 Cuyahoga Brian Day CA03T, CA18U, CA11C, CA07C, CA03C View
111205 City of Parma Heights 035-61028 Cuyahoga Katie Iaconis CA12E, CA15D View
110558 City of Pepper Pike 035-61686 Cuyahoga Joe Brodzinski CA17P, CA12G View
111065 City of Richmond Heights 035-66894 Cuyahoga James Teknipp CA13J View
110551 City of Rocky River 035-68056 Cuyahoga Michael Thomas CA09L, CA11K, CA12J, CA14I, CA14M, CA12O, CA16Q, CA10R, CA05R View
110967 CIty of Shaker Heights 035-71682 Cuyahoga Robert Baker CA17E, CA17K, CA18M, CA08F View
110998 City of South Euclid 035-73264 Cuyahoga Brenda Wendt CA29N, CA18O, CA16G, CA03N, CA02K, CA11D, CA10M, CA10E View
110549 City of Strongsville 035-75098 Cuyahoga Joseph Dubovec CA15Q, CA14U View
111025 City of University Heights 035-78932 Cuyahoga William N. Sheehan, III CA05D, CA21K, CA19I View
110552 City of Westlake 035-83622 Cuyahoga Prashant Shah CA11P, CA18G View
110556 Cuyahoga County 035-00035 Cuyahoga Michael Chambers CA30M, CA02I, CA08R, CA24N View
111138 Village of Bentleyville 035-05550 Cuyahoga Nickol Sell CT72D View
111168 Village of Bratenahl 035-08336 Cuyahoga Tom Cornhoff CT02E View
111190 Village of Brooklyn Heights 035-09274 Cuyahoga Aaron Frank CT04I, CT04N, CT06M, CT04S View
110414 Village of Chagrin Falls 035-13358 Cuyahoga David Bloom CT01F, CU03S, CA06E, CA11J, CA12P View
111049 Village of Cuyahoga Heights 035-19806 Cuyahoga Angel Meriwether CA08P View
110560 Village of Gates Mills 035-29498 Cuyahoga Janet M. Mulh CA08C, CA903 View
110418 Village of Gates Mills 035-29498 Cuyahoga Craig S. Richter CT03M View
110422 Village of Glenwillow 035-30632 Cuyahoga John M. Veres CA09O, CT06P, CT08O, CT02P, CA21U, CA26T View
111012 Village of Hunting Valley 035-36918 Cuyahoga Bernice Schreiber CT06S, CT04O View
110562 Village of Mayfield 035-48468 Cuyahoga Ronald C. Wynne CA18R, CA21D, CA02L View
110415 Village of Moreland Hills 035-52052 Cuyahoga Prashant Shah CA17M, CT01G, CT02L View
110563 Village of North Randall 035-56924 Cuyahoga Janda Singleton CT02R View
110487 Village of Oakwood 035-57750 Cuyahoga Brian Thompson CT02S, CT57J, CT04R, CT04P, CT03G View
111156 Village of Orange 035-58604 Cuyahoga Dana Kavander CT02H, CA16B View
111026 Village of Walton Hills 035-80738 Cuyahoga Katie Iaconis CT06N, CT77K, CT66L, CT81H, CT74G, CT06R View
110723 City of Greenville 037-32340 Darke Roxanne Willman CK05D, CK02S View
110913 Village of Ansonia 037-02120 Darke Julie Kimmel CK05S, CK23O View
111207 Village of Arcanum 037-02330 Darke Toni M Stanley CT20Q, CK02L, CK06F, CK30C, CK38M View
111143 Village of Gettysburg 037-29974 Darke Heather Canan CT21K, CT29G, CT36H, CT42F, CK05J View
110731 Village of New Madison 037-54978 Darke Roberta Hocker CK14B View
110724 Village of New Weston 037-55818 Darke Amy Schlarman CK06H View
110442 Village of North Star 037-57064 Darke Carolyn Wilker CT26K, CK15N View
111193 Village of Osgood 037-58912 Darke Kathleen Langenkamp CT40T View
110994 Village of Pitsburg 037-62890 Darke Karen Stubbs CT19L View
111125 Village of Rossburg 037-68672 Darke Jeri Widener CT24L, CT21J View
110446 Village of Union City 037-78624 Darke Karen Stubbs CT28K, CK06G View
110729 Village of Versailles 037-79912 Darke Kathy Ording CT18U, CK11L, CK02G View
111115 Village of Wayne Lakes 037-82348 Darke Carolyn L. Robinson CK06K View
110727 Village of Yorkshire 037-87164 Darke Deb Gehle CK10I View
110633 City of Defiance 039-21308 Defiance John Lehner CE36S, CE32A View
110609 Farmer Township 039-26614 Defiance Jennifer Mavis CE36G View
110938 Mark Township 039-47852 Defiance Michele Zeedyk CE34H, CE36J View
110423 Noble Township 039-56014 Defiance Ted Penner CT09E View
111082 Village of Hicksville 039-35098 Defiance Cheryl Smith CT10S View
110604 Village of Sherwood 039-72256 Defiance Dawn Buskirk CE09M, CE30E, CE42V View
110480 Berlin Township 041-05788 Delaware Claudia Smith CT53B, CQ04C View
110868 Delaware Township 041-21448 Delaware Barbara Thomas CQ03L View
110973 Village of Ashley 041-02582 Delaware Renee Rarick CQ27D, CQ32A, CQ20K, CQ47U View
110354 Village of Galena 041-29148 Delaware Marty Mazzie CQ05N, CQ13O, CQ18P View
110510 Village of Ostrander 041-58940 Delaware Dorothy Wilcox CQ45R View
110874 Village of Shawnee Hills 041-71976 Delaware Shirley Roskoski CQ08R, CQ28P, CQ12N View
110375 Village of Sunbury 041-75602 Delaware Kathy Belcher CQ09T, CQ29U, CQ06R View
111121 City of Huron 043-37016 Erie Mike Spafford CE35U View
110943 Perkins Township 043-61714 Erie Diane Schaefer CE42R View
110618 Village of Castalia 043-12476 Erie Robert Day CE42O View
110876 City of Lancaster 045-41720 Fairfield Patricia Nettles CQ15R, CQ46U, CQ11B View
110359 Fairfield County 045-00045 Fairfield Jon A. Salter CQ20D View
111102 Greenfield Township Water and Sewer District 045-00223 Fairfield Sophia Boyer CQ13I View
110877 Village of Amanda 045-01630 Fairfield Carrie Ayers CQ11J, CQ17R, CQ51V, CQ38U View
111051 Village of Baltimore 045-03758 Fairfield Brian Bibler CQ04R, CQ04M, CQ31K, CQ18J, CQ09O, CQ16T, CQ25U View
111167 Village of Bremen 045-08392 Fairfield Crystal Pritchard CQ24C, CQ19H View
110355 Village of Carroll 045-12252 Fairfield Mary Dawson CQ14L, CQ31V View
111106 Village of Lithopolis 045-44086 Fairfield Amanda Wolin CQ26S, CQ10N View
110517 Village of Millersport 045-50400 Fairfield Susan Ramsey CT80F, CT42J, CQ29L, CQ05K, CT61C View
110377 Village of Pickerington 045-62498 Fairfield Chris Schornack CQ30R View
110364 Village of Pleasantville 045-63716 Fairfield Penny Marquart CQ13J, CQ07H, CQ25E, CQ21P, CQ22D, CQ25R, CQ12U, CQ05T View
110940 Village of Rushville 045-69204 Fairfield Cindy Lewis CQ33H, CT45J View
110970 Village of Sugar Grove 045-75252 Fairfield Jeremy A. VanMeter CQ07N, CQ16K, CQ15Q, CQ22L, CT38P, CT26U View
110869 Village of West Rushville 045-84182 Fairfield Jennifer Effinger CQ03N View
110959 Violet Township 045-80206 Fairfield Brian Sauer CQ18V, CQ35S, CQ44R View
110369 Walnut Creek Sewer District 045-00231 Fairfield Clerk/Treasurer CQ28L, CQ29M View
110361 Walnut Township 045-80570 Fairfield Lynn Kraner CQ10U View
110824 City of Washington Court House 047-81214 Fayette Tom L. Riley CO22L, CO18O View
110478 Village of Bloomingburg 047-07188 Fayette Lorie A. Johnson CT51O View
110828 Village of Jeffersonville 047-38920 Fayette Carol Roush CO14G View
110472 Village of Octa 047-57918 Fayette Michael D. Smith CT48G View
110582 City of Bexley 049-06278 Franklin Beecher Hale CC04R, CC15Q, CC05P, CC04H, CC04I, CC06K, CC10O, CC12M View
110590 City of Canal Winchester 049-11332 Franklin Amanda Jackson CC01C, CC15P, CC02D, CC03E, CC04F, CC05B, CC06L, CC04K, CC11U View
110920 City of Columbus 049-18000 Franklin Joe Lombardi CC16R, CC04S, CC15A, CC14L, CC13H, CC02P, CC02J, CC02K, CC04D, CC06C, CC013, CC06M, CC06H, CC08B View
110586 City of Gahanna 049-29106 Franklin Joann Bury CC02L, CC16M View
110581 City of Grandview Heights 049-31304 Franklin Bob Dvoraczky CC12B, CC04N, CC03C, CC12R, CC17Q, CC05I, CC10C, CC11Q View
110589 City of Grove City 049-32592 Franklin Michael A. Turner CC10S, CC08O, CC10A, CC10L, CC07H, CC06F, CC04A, CC02B, CC11P, CC12K, CC11G, CC05A View
110583 City of Groveport 049-32606 Franklin Jeff Green CC13Q, CC03T, CC09T View
110579 City of Hilliard 049-35476 Franklin David D. Delande CC10M View
111040 City of New Albany 049-53970 Franklin Bethany Staats, CPA CT66G, CT67I, CC08R, CT06G, CT11O, CC18L, CC09P, CC15T View
111045 City of Reynoldsburg 049-66390 Franklin Stephen Cicak CC02H, CC07Q, CC13D, CC08E, CC09C, CC06S View
110588 City of Upper Arlington 049-79002 Franklin Brent Lewis CC08N, CC12S View
110578 City of Westerville 049-83342 Franklin Lee Ann Shortland CC08M, CC04M, CC10R View
110585 City of Whitehall 049-84742 Franklin Dan Miller CC14M, CC14N, CC06O, CC02R, CC11T, CC08S View
110577 City of Worthington 049-86604 Franklin Molly Roberts CC03P, CC07J View
110942 Franklin County 049-00049 Franklin Robert Byrne CC15H, CC09H, CC04J View
110916 Franklin County 049-00049 Franklin Charlene Schultheis CC04O, CC04Q, CC13A, CC02G, CC01T, CC02I View
110584 Franklin Township 049-28280 Franklin Lisa A. Morris CC14B View
110580 Jackson Township 049-37772 Franklin Ron Grossman CC10N View
110587 Prairie Township 049-64570 Franklin Dan McCardle CC17P, CC08K, CC18M, CC19P, CC11H, CC16L, CC06N View
110421 Village of Harrisburg 049-33740 Franklin Patsy Frost CT06I, CC05J View
111130 Village of Lockbourne 049-44310 Franklin Wendy Hastings CT07F View
110428 Village of Marblecliff 049-47474 Franklin Cynthia McKay CT13M, CT08S View
110995 Village of Minerva Park 049-50862 Franklin Kim Pulley CT11N, CT08H, CT55J, CC15B, CC07A, CTB9M View
110561 Village of Obetz 049-57862 Franklin M. Matthew Cramblit CC909, CC06R, CT10H View
110576 Village of Riverlea 049-67440 Franklin Josh Mehling CC05Q View
110893 Village of Urbancrest 049-79100 Franklin Kathy Thimmes CC02N View
110626 Chesterfield Township 051-14072 Fulton Peggy Volkman CE51O View
110960 Clinton Township 051-16126 Fulton Nancy Yackee CE28T, CE23V View
110614 Fulton County 051-00051 Fulton Brett Kolb CE38O, CE40M, CE35J, CE21J, CE23I, CE29N, CE32R, CE29U, CE33U, CE38T, CE42T, CE46V View
111060 Swancreek Township 051-75861 Fulton Jo M. Stultz CE37T View
110611 Village of Fayette 051-26768 Fulton Karin Sauerlender CE38E, CE47P, CE15L, CE32N, CE32D, CE20N View
110623 Village of Lyons 051-45626 Fulton Tanya Lumbrezer CE17K, CE50O View
111136 Village of Metamora 051-49238 Fulton Catherine A. Vorst CE08L, CE12Q, CE35E, CE40I View
111155 Village of Swanton 051-75896 Fulton Jennifer Harkey CE34R, CE41P, CE16J, CE16P, CE24O, CE30P, CE28M, CE29R, CT11G, CT12S, CE29V View
110829 Addison Township 053-00422 Gallia Debbie Hughes CO21S View
110815 Gallia County 053-00053 Gallia Larry Betz CO18Q, CO17L, CO02B, CU27U, CO05S, CO02R View
110534 Village of Centerville 053-13169 Gallia David House CU04P, CT41B View
110485 Village of Crown City 053-19554 Gallia Paul Dillon CT55O View
110532 Village of Gallipolis 053-29204 Gallia Annette Landers CT34Q, CTC2M View
110482 Village of Riogrande 053-67258 Gallia Jennifer Harrison CO20V View
110891 Village of Vinton 053-80178 Gallia Michelle Alderman CT32P View
110660 City of Chardon 055-13554 Geauga Mate Rogonjic CG07C, CG18O, CG13I, CG14G, CG14L, CG22S, CG32R, CG47U View
110663 Geauga County 055-00055 Geauga Frank J. Gliha CG20B, CG21M, CG30M View
110661 Huntsburg Township 055-36946 Geauga Michele A. Saunders CG18Q View
111197 Middlefield Township 055-49714 Geauga Mary Ann Pierce CG26T View
110928 Montville Township 055-51842 Geauga Karen Hawkins CG44O View
111182 Parkman Township 055-59948 Geauga Nina M Reed CG52V View
111139 Russell Township 055-69232 Geauga Karen Walder CG14N View
110434 Village of Middlefield 055-49700 Geauga Nicholas Giardina CG16P, CG19E, CG56V View
110656 Village of South Russell 055-73684 Geauga Danielle Romanowski CG14Q View
111099 City of Bellbrook 057-05102 Greene Melissa Dodd CK04K, CK15U View
110745 City of Fairborn 057-25914 Greene Randall J Groves CK07S View
110730 Greene County 057-00057 Greene Debra A. Eisnaugle CK12P, CK24R, CK25Q, CK27U View
110748 Sugarcreek Township 057-75201 Greene Theodore Hodson CK24O View
110440 Village of Jamestown 057-38374 Greene Marsha Haines CT26E, CK35M View
111103 Village of Spring Valley 057-74216 Greene Gail Harris CK11H, CK04M View
111078 Village of Yellows Springs 057-86940 Greene Patti Bates CK12T View
110788 City of Cambridge 059-10996 Guernsey Suellen Johnson CN18D, CN20P View
110783 Guernsey County 059-00059 Guernsey Tony Brown CN26R, CN07V, CN29R, CN05K View
111170 Village of Byesville 059-10716 Guernsey Brandon Gregg CN32R, CT42D View
110454 Village of Cumberland 059-19694 Guernsey Stephen Z. Bradley CT37B View
110452 Village of Pleasant City 059-63436 Guernsey Karen Sherman CT36B View
110948 Village of Quaker City 059-65116 Guernsey Crystal Taylor CT45S, CT55F View
110921 Village of Salesville 059-70072 Guernsey Crystal Taylor CT43C View
111059 Village of Senecaville 059-71360 Guernsey Jacqueline J Neuhart CT32A View
110570 Anderson Township 061-01980 Hamilton Kenneth Dietz CB22U View
110564 City of Blue Ash 061-07300 Hamilton Sherry L. Poppe CB12L, CB22P View
110572 City of Cincinnati 061-15000 Hamilton Reginald Zeno CB17Q, CB18Q, CB12I, CB08H, CB21E, CB25E View
110929 City of Cincinnati 061-15000 Hamilton Matt Brinck CB11H, CB23F, CB24M View
110566 City of Deer Park 061-21266 Hamilton John Applegate CB14K View
110983 City of Harrison 061-33838 Hamilton Catherine Stockhoff CB15H, CB19Q, CB04Q, CB10L, CB10O, CB11I, CB31P, CB28M, CB19N, CB15U, CB20T, CB04R, CB18T, CB07V View
111162 City of Lincoln Heights 061-43722 Hamilton Donna Pope CB12S View
111148 City of Loveland 061-45108 Hamilton Michelle Byrde CB21U, CB03J, CB20F, CB19G, CB15K, CB14Q, CB10H, CB25P, CB26O, CB26P, CB24O, CB20Q, CB34E, CB30M, CB08R, CB49R View
110991 City of Mount Healthy 061-52752 Hamilton Scott Bauer CB07Q, CB44R, CB47R, CB32S, CB20S, CB30U View
110984 City of North College Hill 061-56322 Hamilton Angelina Burton CB22T View
110574 City of Norwood 061-57386 Hamilton James P. Stith CB10V, CB08T, CB13T, CB04S, CB29M, CB11F, CB14F View
110571 City of Reading 061-65732 Hamilton Sabrina Ashley Smith CB03U, CB23U, CB24S, CB26S, CB02R, CB32R, CB12R, CB24Q, CB21P, CB19O, CB15N, CB17N View
110575 City of Sharonville 061-71892 Hamilton Scott McKeehan CB29S View
110573 City of Wyoming 061-86730 Hamilton Jeremiah Caudill CB27M, CB40R, CB41R, CB07B, CB17O, CB27S, CB08B, CB32U View
110978 Columbia Township 061-16882 Hamilton Caroline Heekin CB25T View
110881 Delhi Township 061-21504 Hamilton James Luebbe CB22F, CB13F View
111191 Hamilton County 061-00061 Hamilton Lisa Doerger CB25U, CB36R, CB39R, CB01J, CB38R View
110922 Hamilton County 061-00061 Hamilton Ihab Tadros CB29E, CB13A, CB21N, CB004 View
110567 Springfield Township 061-74121 Hamilton Dan Berning CB12F, CB18N, CB22D, CB21Q, CB42R, CB04T, CB26U, CB16T View
110565 Sycamore Township 061-75973 Hamilton Robert Porter CB13L View
110419 Village of Addyston 061-00436 Hamilton Margaret Ann Dozier CT04E, CB24E, CB11T, CT29U View
111166 Village of Arlington Heights 061-02428 Hamilton Megan Palmer Corday CB23W View
111217 Village of Cleves 061-16028 Hamilton James Brett CB02T, CB45R, CB34R, CB27O, CB21O View
110424 Village of Elmwood Place 061-25186 Hamilton Nancy Riley CT09M View
111002 Village of Glendale 061-30380 Hamilton Michael Beaugrand CB28R, CB08L, CB11K View
111055 Village of Lockland 061-44366 Hamilton Carrie Surber CB02C, CT11M, CB22S, CT66U View
110514 Village of Mariemont 061-47600 Hamilton Anothony Borgerding CT07U View
110511 Village of Newtown 061-55678 Hamilton Keri L. Everett CT74C View
110946 Village of North Bend 061-56182 Hamilton Marta Fryman CB20N, CB36P, CB03O, CB14N View
111056 Village of Silverton 061-72522 Hamilton Denise Stemen CB23T, CB14S, CB18S, CT47U, CB02J, CB13G, CB13H, CB09L, CB17F, CB37E, CB25M View
110569 Village of St.Bernard 061-69470 Hamilton Peggy Brickweg CB46R, CB23E View
110986 Village of Woodlawn 061-86366 Hamilton Richard E. Cropper CB21G, CB30S, CB28S View
110568 Whitewater Township Regional Sewer District 061-00283 Hamilton Don Smith CB22G View
110770 City of Findlay 063-27048 Hancock Jim Staschiak CM26E, CM14L, CM17B, CM19H, CM20G, CM12F, CM12K, CM09D, CM05I View
110775 Hancock County 063-00063 Hancock Charity Rauschenberg CM21O, CM34M View
111211 Northwestern Water and Sewer District (Dist 13) 063-00313 Hancock Kay Ball CM26U View
111137 Village of Arlington 063-02400 Hancock Greg Glick CM19G, CM22A View
110890 Village of McComb 063-45808 Hancock Laura Ewing CM18I, CT28J, CT41K View
110769 Village of Mount Blanchard 063-52598 Hancock Andrea Kuenzli CM24N View
110448 Village of Rawson 063-65634 Hancock Cindy McCrory CT31B, CM02C, CM04N View
110781 Village of Van Buren 063-79394 Hancock Greg Ayers CM31T, CM25V View
111144 Village of Vanlue 063-79534 Hancock Melinda Boyd CM08J, CT43O View
110944 City of Kenton 065-39886 Hardin Brian Hattery CP41D, CP11Q, CP21I, CP01M View
110843 Hardin County 065-00065 Hardin Michael T. Bacon CP18R, CP21K View
111218 Village of Ada 065-00198 Hardin Patty Navin CT42Q, CT89M, CP16T, CP36S, CP31U View
110832 Village of Alger 065-01210 Hardin Ramona Mahoney CP03D View
110525 Village of Dunkirk 065-22946 Hardin Phyllis J. Spencer CP08H, CP22K, CT87M View
110492 Village of Forest 065-27636 Hardin Kathleen Cain CP46T, CP39Q, CT52L, CT41J View
111179 Village of Mcguffey 065-46046 Hardin TJ Carter CP06L, CP42C View
110833 Village of Mount Victory 065-53144 Hardin Heather Oliver CP03Q View
110805 Harrison County 067-00067 Harrison Patrick Moore CN32F, CN22E, CN03G, CN06H, CN05D, CN05F, CN05I, CN13E, CN07D, CN08D, CN10E, CN10F View
110789 Village of Deersville 067-21294 Harrison Jenny Bargar CN21M View
111157 Village of Harrisville 067-34090 Harrison Misty Touville CN13I View
111187 Village of Hopedale 067-36260 Harrison Denise Geanangel CT61T, CT56T View
111064 Village of New Athens 067-54068 Harrison Tosha Giesey CN27C View
110796 Village of Scio 067-70814 Harrison Trish Copeland CN27Q, CT54R View
110615 City of Napoleon 069-53550 Henry Gregory Heath CE34C, CE41K View
110631 Henry County Regional Water & Sewer District 069-00303 Henry Timothy Phillips CE56M, CE51Q, CE27I View
110935 Village of Deshler 069-21812 Henry Lisa Sugg CE24T, CE20U, CE32V, CE43R, CE48O, CE12K View
110600 Village of Florida 069-27538 Henry Jason Lieb CE21O View
110603 Village of Hamler 069-33096 Henry Shelly Grant CE28G, CE18P, CE25Q View
110605 Village of Holgate 069-35854 Henry Sally Briggs CE32L View
111038 Village of Liberty Center 069-43414 Henry Kris Carico CE18Q, CE06G, CE13O, CE32E View
110444 Village of Malinta 069-46942 Henry Deborah Wulff CE38R View
110809 City of Hillsboro 071-35560 Highland Gary Lewis CO10H, CO21M, CO06L, CO16U, CO09Q View
110816 Highland County 071-00071 Highland William Fawley CO16P, CO04E, CO10L, CO22H, CO04R View
110813 Village of Greenfield 071-32088 Highland Carolyn Snodgrass CO12K, CO16O View
111114 Village of Highland 071-35210 Highland Amy Buddelmeyer CO32C View
110825 Village of Leesburg 071-42476 Highland Tracy Evans CO10N, CO05D, CO02G View
111048 Village of Lynchburg 071-45542 Highland Ashley Campbell CT43L, CO18D, CO06K View
111140 Village of Mowrystown 071-53186 Highland Karen Miller CT46I View
110901 City of Logan 073-44632 Hocking Anna Lindsay CR11R, CU25S View
110389 Hocking County 073-00073 Hocking Kenneth Wilson CR15U, CR15T, CR19R, CR08S View
110799 Holmes County 075-00075 Holmes Jackie McKee CN32O, CN20L, CN25E, CN14H, CN04C, CN10R, CN15V, CN16V, CN18U, CN10W View
110792 Village of Holmesville 075-35994 Holmes Michele Gerber CN28A, CN35R, CN36R View
110982 Village of Killbuck 075-40180 Holmes Linda Campbell CT46G, CT49K, CT79P View
110802 Village of Millersburg 075-50372 Holmes Karen Shaffer CN38M, CN20S View
111023 City of Norwalk 077-57302 Huron Michelle Reeder CI36P, CI34N, CI18C, CI25J, CI02P, CI03E, CI03I, CI14T, CI56T, CI07U View
110702 City of Willard 077-85232 Huron Susan Johnson CI37J, CI46B, CI13I, CI11K, CI08H, CI04G, CI05E, CI28K, CI28O, CI20Q, CI17R, CI01I, CI02K, CI21P, CI02Q, CI10T, CI41V, CI20S, CI02U View
110523 Clarksfield Township 077-15364 Huron Stacey Dvorak CT84O View
110703 Huron County 077-00077 Huron Roland Tkach CI47V, CI09U, CI19T, CI49V, CI06W View
110888 Lyme Township 077-45514 Huron Deborah Hawkins CT21P View
110937 New London Township 077-54922 Huron Melissa Wilson CT30R View
110685 Norwich Township 077-57358 Huron Alberta Elmlinger CI53R View
110713 Peru Township 077-62246 Huron Krista Smith CI48R View
110426 Ridgefield Township 077-67006 Huron Karen Fries CT26S, CI59V, CT11L View
110709 Ripley Township 077-67300 Huron Barbara Caudill CT59U View
110443 Sherman Township 077-72193 Huron Marie Elmlinger Shultz CT26O View
110450 Village of Greenwich 077-32368 Huron Betty Inmon CT34F, CT15L, CI31O, CI35K, CI22H, CT29T, CI63V, CI11U View
110436 Village of Monroeville 077-51618 Huron Bonnie Beck CT23O, CT23P, CI48Q View
110953 Village of New London 077-54908 Huron Nancy Howell CI19S, CI17U View
110691 Village of North Fairfield 077-56420 Huron Linda Prater CI42Q, CI17J View
110462 Village of Wakeman 077-80458 Huron Trisha Summers CT41M, CI25P, CT31T View
110686 Wakeman Township 077-80472 Huron Diane Wolf CT68U View
111178 City of Jackson 079-37842 Jackson Brett Reed CO11T View
110831 City of Jackson 079-37842 Jackson Brett Reed CO15R View
111003 City of Wellston 079-82712 Jackson John C. Dupree CO18I View
110830 Jackson County 079-00079 Jackson Clyde Holdren CO02U View
110821 Jackson County 079-00079 Jackson John Dupree CO26B View
110456 Village of Coalton 079-16434 Jackson Dawn M. Coleman CT38J, CO04N View
111145 Village of Oakhill 079-57596 Jackson Melissa Strickland CT78M, CO05H, CO08N, CO36F, CT12U View
111172 Brilliant Water and Sewer District 081-00241 Jefferson Jodi Roush CN28N, CN24T View
110513 City of Mingo Junction 081-50904 Jefferson James Huggins CN10V, CT54N, CT76M View
110803 City of Steubenville 081-74608 Jefferson David Lewis CU19S, CN038 View
110949 City of Toronto 081-77112 Jefferson Lisa Bauman CN29P View
110795 Island Creek Township 081-37534 Jefferson Darla Van Fossen CN29O View
110807 Jefferson County 081-00081 Jefferson Patrick J. Marshall CN27H, CN33B, CN34B View
111163 Village of Dillonvale 081-22022 Jefferson Art Panepucci CN26D View
111006 Village of Rayland 081-65662 Jefferson Kathy Moreland CT49R View
110790 Village of Tiltonsville 081-76806 Jefferson Korrene Prince CN22F, CN24I View
111037 Village of Wintersville 081-86184 Jefferson Denise Geanangel CN40M, CT46O, CT32J, CN28T, CT71P, CT55V View
110366 City of Mount Vernon 083-53102 Knox Terry Scott CQ25L, CQ16D, CQ27M View
110356 Clay Township 083-15504 Knox Dedra Kidwell CQ27U, CQ16P View
110360 Hilliar Township 083-35462 Knox Julie Laughlin CQ04U View
110875 Knox County 083-00083 Knox Jonette Curry CQ09M, CQ02O, CQ29Q, CQ35U View
110357 Knox County 083-00083 Knox Sue McNichols CQ18N View
110358 Liberty Township 083-43218 Knox Ginger Casner CQ19O View
111000 Middlebury Township 083-49658 Knox Adam Grubb CQ17S View
110962 Miller Township 083-50330 Knox Gary Small CQ32T View
110867 Monroe Township 083-51436 Knox Ilene Doup CQ07S View
110378 Pike Township 083-62652 Knox Alaina Swank CQ40V View
110370 Village of Centerburg 083-13036 Knox Teri James CQ31F, CQ26C View
110871 Village of Danville 083-20114 Knox Laurene Vess CQ06E View
110494 Village of Fredericktown 083-28658 Knox Mary Lou Hannan CT51J, CT63E, CQ10P, CQ22O, CQ10G, CQ13M View
110925 Village of Gambier 083-29246 Knox Kathi Schonauer CQ04F, CQ12R, CQ17U View
110951 City of Eastlake 085-23618 Lake Carol Ann Schindel CG23F, CG25N, CG26G, CG28C, CG29L, CG30J, CG33D, CG34H, CG18M View
110665 City of Kirtland 085-40642 Lake Keith Martinet CG33M, CG31F, CG19B, CG08J View
110672 City of Mentor 085-49056 Lake David W. Malinowski CG37Q, CG28T, CG20H, CG20Q, CG51M, CG30G, CG34O View
110981 City of Mentor-On-The-Lake 085-49098 Lake Hollie Bartone CG30H, CG25C, CG24I, CG22G, CG33T, CG32U View
110667 City of Painesville 085-59416 Lake Andrew A. Unetic CG34I, CG36I, CG42P View
111014 City of Wickliffe 085-85036 Lake Debra Doles CG11R, CG21T View
111093 City of Willoughby 085-85484 Lake Diane C Bosley CG25J, CG35M, CG12F, CG10P, CG12C, CG04G, CG02D, CG30R, CG36S, CG50T View
110654 City of Willoughby Hills 085-85512 Lake Frank J. Brichacek CU16O, CG05F, CG11H View
110671 City of Willowick 085-85638 Lake Cheryl Benedict CG23N, CG46M, CG02G, CG18H, CG36O, CG21R, CG22Q, CG40V, CG02U View
111175 Lake County 085-00085 Lake Edward H. Zupancic CG52T View
110895 Lake County 085-00085 Lake Christopher A. Galloway Attn: Stephanie Giblock CG13T, CG06U, CG05P, CG71M, CG34L, CG22P View
111117 Lake County 085-00085 Lake Christopher A. Galloway Attn: Rudy Campagne CG02O, CG40T, CG26R, CG37U, CG30U, CG10Q, CG46O, CG37P, CG38O, CG02M, CG11K, CG17K View
110658 Madison Township 085-46494 Lake Terry Gerred-Ditchcreek CG16N View
110655 Painesville Township 085-59430 Lake Michael Patriarca CG14E View
111067 Village of Fairport Harbor 085-26306 Lake Christopher J Paquette CG50U, CG08T, CT26F, CT15D, CT20D, CG32G, CG32N, CG33L, CG38P, CG06L, CG12E, CG16J View
110653 Village of Kirtland Hills 085-40670 Lake Carol Lorek CG35U View
110662 Village of Madison 085-46480 Lake Kristie Crockett CG20D View
110652 Village of Perry 085-61882 Lake Joanne Clapp CG05H, CG44S, CG59U View
111174 Village of Timberlake 085-76834 Lake Mike Stanton CG19S View
111095 Village of Waitehill 085-80402 Lake Robbi Lapps CG24U View
111158 City of Ironton 087-37464 Lawrence John Elam CO09M, CO16G, CU31H View
111071 Lawrence County 087-00087 Lawrence Jason C. Stephens CO07J View
110535 Village of Chesapeake 087-13904 Lawrence Peggy Houston CT54K, CU05I View
111184 Village of Coalgrove 087-16378 Lawrence Courtney Riggs CT63R View
110467 Village of South Point 087-73670 Lawrence Scott Thomas CT44I, CO23F View
110374 Bennington Township 089-05494 Licking Sally Hatfield CQ40R, CQ11S View
110945 City of Heath 089-34748 Licking Jay Morrow CQ25K, CQ08P, CQ36U View
110371 City of Newark 089-54040 Licking Stephen Johnson CQ27F, CQ27I, CQ23E, CQ31G, CQ07Q, CQ02P, CQ30T, CQ03S View
110353 Franklin Township 089-28336 Licking Molly Long CQ34T View
110987 Jersey Township 089-39102 Licking Marko Jesenko CQ49V, CQ18Q View
110927 Liberty Township 089-43232 Licking Beth Warner CQ20L, CQ23R View
110872 Licking County 089-00089 Licking Michael Smith CQ06I, CQ31Q View
111007 Mary Ann Township 089-48132 Licking Annette Hupp CQ05S View
110886 McKean Township 089-46116 Licking Phyllis Ellas CQ35Q View
110879 Southwest Licking Community Water & Sewer Dist 089-00183 Licking Larry Meade CQ39Q, CQ32P, CQ24E, CQ23D, CQ25N, CQ06M View
110979 Village of Alexandria 089-01154 Licking Carol Gissinger CT64H View
111110 Village of Buckeye Lake 089-09890 Licking Rochelle Menningen CQ28O, CQ36N, CQ04J, CT98M View
110870 Village of Granville 089-31402 Licking Carie Kraner CQ05C, CQ38Q View
111018 Village of Hartford 089-34202 Licking Carol Gissinger CQ38R, CT70N, CQ04P View
110376 Village of Hebron 089-34790 Licking Deborah Morgan CT46Q, CQ05J, CQ03V View
110883 Village of Johnstown 089-39340 Licking Dana Steffan CQ17T, CQ24S, CQ08U, CT57L, CQ02E, CQ02G, CQ28M View
111011 Village of Kirkersville 089-40572 Licking Shirley Roskoski CQ11T View
110365 Village of Pataskala 089-61112 Licking James M. Nicholson CQ15U, CQ27R, CQ27K View
110373 Village of St. Louisville 089-69652 Licking Kathy Whisner CQ34N, CT36P View
110506 Village of Utica 089-79114 Licking Anna C. Flaherty CT71N, CQ13H, CQ19R, CQ36S View
111154 City of Bellefontaine 091-05130 Logan Frederick Brentlinger CM22S, CM08M, CM02P, CM21H, CM16J View
110471 Harrison Township 091-33908 Logan Judy Hartzler CT47R, CM31P, CM31Q View
111076 Village of Belle Center 091-05116 Logan Rhonda Fitzpatrick CM03C View
111079 Village of Degraff 091-21378 Logan Stephanie Knight CM27I, CM10B View
110772 Village of Lakeview 091-41608 Logan Rebecca Larrabee CM29D View
110461 Village of Quincy 091-65200 Logan Sandra Ward CT40O View
110416 Village of Russells Point 091-69302 Logan Jeff Weidner CM24B View
110479 Village of West Liberty 091-83734 Logan Cindee Boyd CT52N, CT28L, CM10F View
110458 Village of West Mansfield 091-83818 Logan David Evans CT39G, CT65P View
111146 Amherst Township 093-01812 Lorain Chris Kish CI23W, CI49U, CI43V, CI37V, CI30T, CI19O, CI10M, CI35L, CI31N View
110712 Brownhelm Township 093-09568 Lorain Marsha Funk CI10S, CI03V, CI19U, CI22T View
110705 Carlisle Township 093-12140 Lorain Kimberly Fallon CI50R, CI34T, CI47U, CI21V View
111134 City of Amherst 093-01798 Lorain Derek M Pittak CI43G, CI37M, CI11P, CI15I, CI07C, CI09F, CI21K, CI22E, CI26H, CI42R, CI24S, CI12T, CI29U, CI26V View
110696 City of Avon 093-03352 Lorain William Logan CI33K, CI29P, CI25O, CI15Q, CI36R View
110697 City of Avon Lake 093-03464 Lorain Steve Presley CI25M, CI34O View
110708 City of Elyria 093-25256 Lorain Ted Pileski CI06T, CI45V, CI54T, CI56M, CI35N, CI36H, CI34P View
110971 City of Lorain 093-44856 Lorain Karen Shawver CI46R, CI26T, CI36O, CI002, CI01D, CI11L, CI12O, CI24P, CI17N, CI33L, CI32N, CI31D, CI48M View
111008 City of North Ridgeville 093-56966 Lorain Jeffrey Wilcheck CI44E, CI54B, CI49B, CI37O, CI31I, CI31K, CI33D, CI36J, CI19N, CI11E, CI06M, CI44R, CU16B View
110695 City of Oberlin 093-57834 Lorain Salvatore Talarico CI17T, CI16V, CI18Q, CI21I, CI08O, CI32L View
110707 City of Sheffield Lake 093-72088 Lorain Tammy Smith CI13J, CI13G, CI04F, CI06J, CI04K, CI27F, CI55B, CI02L, CI23U View
111052 Eaton Township 093-24220 Lorain Julie Popowski CI08T, CI13U, CI37K, CI40R, CI33P, CI30N, CI04O, CI04M View
110692 Grafton Township 093-31164 Lorain Amy Richards CI15R, CI18P, CT33T, CI34V View
110954 Henrietta Township 093-34972 Lorain Joseph Siekeres CI44W View
110698 Huntington Township 093-36876 Lorain Sheila Lanning CI34U, CI27R View
110700 LaGrange Township 093-41244 Lorain Roberta Dove CI39J, CI23V View
111104 Lorain County 093-00093 Lorain Ken Carney CI02F, CI25C, CI25K, CI28D, CI23K, CI12I, CI41E, CI50Q, CI44H, CI47G, CI36U, CI52T View
110907 New Russia Township 093-69330 Lorain Lisa Akers CI08V, CT19P, CI17S, CI02N View
110919 Penfield Township 093-61532 Lorain Vicki Denes CI22S, CI46T View
110701 Sheffield Township 093-72067 Lorain Patricia Echko CI40T, CI25U, CI39Q View
110515 Village of Grafton 093-31150 Lorain Amy Barnhart CI55R, CT27T, CI38S, CI36T, CT79H, CT22D, CI21R, CI41Q, CI44M, CI31J, CI31L View
110694 Village of LaGrange 093-41230 Lorain Kimberly Fallon CI25N, CI21U, CI13R, CI04Q View
110689 Village of Rochester 093-67762 Lorain Darlene Eaton CI43U, CI13P View
110706 Village of Sheffield 093-72060 Lorain Timothy Pelcic CI27U, CI53M, CI41G, CI30D, CI16H, CI04P, CI15J View
111066 Village of South Amherst 093-73040 Lorain Michelle Henke CI08N, CI23M, CT45M, CT29N, CI19R, CI02S, CI24Q, CT60Q, CI14V, CI48T View
110924 Village of Wellington 093-82642 Lorain Vanya Hales CT26R, CI02T, CI32R, CT16Q, CT17K, CT13L, CI37B, CI33M, CI27D, CI04N View
110753 City of Oregon 095-58730 Lucas Kathleen Hufford CL03P, CL04D, CL14O, CL25M, CL22L, CL10B, CL10D, CL07J, CL09C, CL09H, CL12E, CL12K, CL13F, CL10S, CL10Q, CL02S View
110749 City of Sylvania 095-76022 Lucas Toby Schroyer CL12O, CL19S View
111199 City of Toledo 095-77000 Lucas Thomas C. Skrobola CL08O, CL16P, CL26P, CL21P, CL02T View
111061 City of Toledo 095-77000 Lucas Peter Rancatore CL04S, CL06S, CL08S, CL13T, CL08T, CL04T, CL29R View
110752 City of Toledo 095-77000 Lucas George Sarantou CL15T, CL06T, CL11S, CL13S, CL17S, CL15S, CU42R, CL27R, CL21R, CL09R, CL08Q, CL06Q, CL09P, CL20O, CL23P, CL14P, CL16Q, CL04O, CL04Q, CL05P View
111101 City of Toledo 095-77000 Lucas Bryan Benner CL06O, CL12P View
111111 City of Toledo 095-77000 Lucas Melanie Campbell CL11U, CL30U, CL05U, CL07U, CL03U View
110756 City of Toledo 095-77000 Lucas Patrick McLean CL11T, CL02G, CL02M, CL04F, CL04J, CL06L, CL06N, CL05B, CL05M, CL05N, CL29M, CL33M, CL35M, CL07E, CL07G, CL10I, CL10J, CL10K, CL10N, CL11H, CL12D, CL09L, CL09B, CL13H, CL13J, CL13L, CL12N, CL21M, CL23K, CL24E, CL18L, CL14D, CL14I, CL14K, CL15M, CL16L View
110464 City of Waterville 095-81858 Lucas Jon Gochenour CT42N, CT24J, CT39H, CL27K, CL20L, CL20F, CL22S, CL34V View
110755 Lucas County 095-00095 Lucas Anita Lopez CL18P, CL09M, CL13C, CL17M, CL17O, CL17R, CL21Q, CL27J, CL23Q, CL24J, CL25J, CL20K, CL21L, CL03N, CL07R, CL08J, CL08N, CL27M, CL02L, CL02D, CL02E, CL02F, CL13Q, CL13R, CL31R, CL26K, CL21U, CL14U, CL22V, CL16U, CL19T, CL21T, CL30T, CL27T, CL29T, CL13U, CL14S, CL20S View
110754 Monclova Township 095-51156 Lucas Gavin Pike CL25T, CL17U, CL11R, CL25P, CL13M View
111113 Spencer Township 095-73990 Lucas Dawn McDonald CL23U View
110750 Springfield Township 095-74123 Lucas Barbara Dietze CL28U, CL25U, CL11M, CL23R View
110751 Sylvania Township 095-76025 Lucas David Simko CL19U, CL23T View
111112 Village of Holland 095-35882 Lucas Lyn Krasula CL02Q View
110531 Village of Ottawa Hills 095-59010 Lucas Karen Urbanik CTB8M, CT44N, CT05U, CT44T, CL24S View
110486 Village of Whitehouse 095-84770 Lucas Jordan Daugherty CT56P, CT45N, CT23Q, CL07M, CL11L, CL06V, CL17T View
110463 Washington Township 095-81438 Lucas Rebecca Bodette CT35G View
111042 City of London 097-44674 Madison Nicholas Szabo CK05I, CK18H View
110950 Madison County 097-00097 Madison Bryan Dhume CK11F View
110989 Village of Mount Sterling 097-53046 Madison Courtney Bricker CK18K, CK02K View
110741 Village of Plain City 097-63030 Madison Renee Van Winkle CT38V View
110737 Village of South Solon 097-73768 Madison Carol Benedict CK17N View
111054 Village of West Jefferson 097-38710 Madison Rebecca L Shipley-Arnott CK22Q, CK21R, CT51P, CK07N View
110636 Berlin Township 099-05858 Mahoning Dolores Bennett CF03C View
110642 Boardman Township 099-07468 Mahoning William Leicht CF07R, CF17Q View
110637 Canfield Township 099-11374 Mahoning Carmen Heasley CF08R, CF15T View
111020 City of Campbell 099-11066 Mahoning Ioannis Tiliakos CF33M, CF02A View
110641 City of Canfield 099-11360 Mahoning Christine Stack-Clayton CF17B, CF10E, CF02C, CF06R, CF28R View
110649 City of Struthers 099-75126 Mahoning Christina Bohl CF09N, CF23K, CF29M View
111047 City of Youngstown 099-88000 Mahoning Kyle Miasck CF23O, CF01H, CF27G, CF21O, CF22K, CF02I, CF07N View
110433 Green Township 099-31794 Mahoning Randal Chismar CT20H View
110645 Jackson Township 099-56672 Mahoning Judy Patton CF08L, CF25G View
110650 Mahoning County 099-00099 Mahoning Ralph Meacham CF30M, CF25K, CF22O, CF28M, CF21L, CF17E, CF13N, CF12I, CF15Q, CF02J, CF02G, CF20S, CF11N, CF10P, CF02R, CF01U, CF22T View
111141 Springfield Township 099-74124 Mahoning Laurie Applegarth CF24K View
110425 Village of Beloit 099-05410 Mahoning Debbie Hartzell CT22T View
111119 Village of Lowellville 099-45178 Mahoning Carol Flora CF32U View
110958 Village of New Middletown 099-55118 Mahoning Kathy Foster CT82H View
110638 Village of Sebring 099-71220 Mahoning Richard Giroux CF13F, CF24O, CF25O View
110859 City of Marion 101-47754 Marion Kelly Carr CP04M, CP04N, CP10D, CP10F, CP06G, CP05K, CP14L, CP16E, CP33E, CP22Q, CP12R, CP37T, CP18S, CP23S, CP26T, CP06T, CP17U, CP13V View
110861 Marion County 101-00101 Marion Joan Kasotis CP08B, CP37M, CP25S, CP26R, CP34T View
110835 Marion Township 101-47768 Marion Sheila Perin CP36W View
110863 Village of Caledonia 101-10954 Marion Jeri Miracle CP15C, CP32N View
110847 Village of Greencamp 101-31948 Marion Keith Bradley CP27G View
110864 Village of Larue 101-41902 Marion Mary Price CP26N, CP926 View
111072 Village of Prospect 101-64780 Marion Kathy Novik CP05I View
110845 Village of Waldo 101-80500 Marion Shirley Groll CT14U, CP24N View
110699 City of Brunswick 103-09680 Medina Todd R. Fischer CI35M, CI06N, CI07G, CI12L, CI11Q View
110688 City of Medina 103-48790 Medina Keith H. Dirham CI13F, CI31S, CI25R View
110711 City of Wadsworth 103-80304 Medina Catherine Fix CI04T, CI30R View
111123 Hinckley Township 103-35644 Medina Martha Catherwood CI55V View
110710 Liverpool Township 103-44240 Medina Debra R. Gillin CI32U View
111152 Medina County 103-00103 Medina Josephine Faba CI25Q, CI10D, CI18M, CI26S View
110693 Medina County 103-00103 Medina Scott Miller CI17Q, CI11R View
110687 Montville Township 103-51856 Medina Mary Pawlowski CI09P View
110690 Village of Lodi 103-44604 Medina Annette Geissman CI16L View
110704 Village of Seville 103-71486 Medina James B. Carrick CI18H, CI48B, CI43J, CI32O View
110387 Tuppers Plains Chester Water District 105-00235 Meigs A.W. Nease CR18L, CR13K View
110481 Village of Middleport 105-49756 Meigs Susan Baker CT53D View
110384 Village of Pomeroy 105-64024 Meigs Susan Baker CR08P, CR08K, CR10D, CR15B, CR08R View
111122 Village of Syracuse 105-76050 Meigs Crystal Cottrill CT76V View
110758 City of Celina 107-12868 Mercer Betty Strawn CM02L, CM06F View
110780 Mercer County 107-00107 Mercer James A. Wiechart CM04G, CM01J, CM01Q, CM10M, CM17L, CM16L, CM20N, CM28F, CM29C, CM23F, CM23O, CM22D, CM18R, CM02S View
110489 Village of Burkettsville 107-10296 Mercer Glenn Miller CT60P View
111150 Village of Chickasaw 107-14156 Mercer Kelley Poeppelman CM29V, CT41G, CT65L View
110889 Village of Coldwater 107-16532 Mercer Jason Eyink CT66M, CM22H, CM29F, CM05P, CT54T, CM07W View
110497 Village of Fort Recovery 107-27902 Mercer Roberta Staugler CM02K, CT64M, CT29Q, CM26F View
110453 Village of Mendon 107-49042 Mercer Kristina Boroff CT36O View
110475 Village of Rockford 107-67874 Mercer Lisa Kuhn CT48N, CT50F, CT30L, CM14K, CM03T View
110778 Village of St. Henry 107-69540 Mercer Ruth F. Miller CT70S, CM25H View
110733 City of Piqua 109-62848 Miami Cynthia Holtzapple CK13V, CK04U View
110743 City of Tipp City 109-76876 Miami John W. Green CK40M, CK21M, CK08P View
111016 City of Troy 109-77588 Miami John Frigge CK29C View
110744 Miami County 109-00109 Miami Matthew W. Gearhardt CK19G, CK15I, CK12B, CK09N, CK03R View
110742 Newton Township 109-55594 Miami John L. Wackler CK39M View
110451 Village of Bradford 109-08084 Miami Brenda Selanders CT32S, CK13P, CT34H, CT23J, CT22I View
110974 Village of Casstown 109-12462 Miami Amanda Shoup CT39N, CK33M View
110947 Village of Covington 109-19050 Miami Brenda Carroll CT38R, CK28T, CK24U View
111165 Village of Fletcher 109-27412 Miami Julie M. Anderson CK06P View
110734 Village of Laura 109-42028 Miami Gretchen Slagle CK15E View
110438 Village of Pleasant Hill 109-63534 Miami Karl Marko, CT23U, CK07F, CK11O, CK13N, CK14P, CT24K, CK15Q, CT17L View
110746 Village of West Milton 109-83902 Miami Jill Grise CK31Q View
111070 Monroe County 111-00111 Monroe Pandora Neuhart CR03V View
110380 Switzerland of Ohio Water Dist 111-00197 Monroe Lawrence Pack CR08L View
110504 Village of Clarington 111-15210 Monroe Lisa K. Armann-Blue CT69H, CT65C View
111013 Village of Woodsfield 111-86436 Monroe Misty Tolzda CR25L, CR11M, CR31B, CT56D, CR18E View
110593 City of Brookville 113-09358 Montgomery Sonja M. Keaton CD27T, CD04U, CD04V, CD25Q, CD21M View
111127 City of Centerville 113-13190 Montgomery Tyler Roark CD18I, CD39U View
110592 City of Dayton 113-21000 Montgomery LaShea Lofton CD13A, CD34R, CD30T, CD08U, CD25R, CD28P View
110934 City of Germantown 113-29932 Montgomery Patricia Shively CD11Q, CD09P, CD14L, CD22Q, CT08D, CT08F, CD05R, CD06U, CD15U, CD32S, CD21T, CD28T View
110598 City of Kettering 113-40040 Montgomery Nancy Gregory CD12D, CD07E, CD11G, CD17D View
111107 City of Miamisburg 113-49434 Montgomery Jennifer C. Johns CD28N View
111176 City of Moraine 113-52010 Montgomery Don Buczek CD34T, CD17U, CD25P, CD02R, CD15K View
110594 City of Riverside 113-67468 Montgomery Thomas Garrett CD22P, CD15Q, CD37U View
110990 City of Trotwood 113-77504 Montgomery Chris A. Peeples CD23P, CD24P View
110597 City of Union 113-78470 Montgomery Denise Winemiller CD23U, CD05V, CD06S, CD15R, CD16K, CD17Q, CD18L, CD22J, CD23N, CD41M, CD31O View
110956 City of Vandalia 113-79492 Montgomery Bridgette Leiter CD16T, CD21U, CD07V View
110596 City of West Carrollton 113-83090 Montgomery Thomas E. Reilly CD25O, CD35M, CD06K, CD06M, CD13N, CD31R, CD09R, CD05T, CD33U View
110591 Jefferson Regional Water Authority 113-00279 Montgomery Gary Patton CD07F View
111033 Montgomery County 113-00113 Montgomery Vijay Chitkara CD13F, CD14F, CD15D, CD15H, CD16C, CD16I, CD10B, CD10E, CD17I, CD19I, CD20Q, CD19R, CD13R, CD07R, CD17S, CD24J, CD15I, CD17J, CD10H, CD10K, CD07G, CD08M, CD09B, CD09H, CD09N, CD03F, CD06N, CD04I, CD04N, CD05E, CD01N, CD02H, CD25M, CD26J, CD07T, CD03T, CD11T, CD18T, CD20T, CD13S, CD11R, CD36R, CD04R, CD04S, CD22V View
110917 Montgomery County 113-00113 Montgomery Chereese Loritts CD15S, CD29S, CU17T, CD19S, CD05P, CD31S, CD27R View
110595 Village of New Lebanon 113-54852 Montgomery Brenda Etter CD02U, CD08S, CD01T, CD14T, CD01V, CD02V, CD11S, CD22R, CD17R, CD10O, CD11L, CD05Q, CD01F, CD02O, CD02P, CD03N, CD03Q, CD18P, CD29M View
111091 Village of Phillipsburg 113-62414 Montgomery Jessie Harsh CD02I View
110386 Morgan County 115-00115 Morgan Gary D. Woodward CR15Q, CR17P View
110397 Village of Malta 115-46970 Morgan Gwendolyn Ray CT54Q, CR25N, CT64S View
110502 Village of Mcconnelsville 115-45822 Morgan Ellen Hemry CR10N, CR15M, CT56I, CT68K, CT77T View
110394 Village of Stockport 115-74748 Morgan Traci Baker CR23N, CT50Q View
111041 West Malta Rural Water District 115-00237 Morgan Morgan Meigsville CR25J View
110996 Village of Fulton 117-29050 Morrow Karen May CQ09S View
110390 City of Zanesville 119-88084 Muskingum Margo Moyer CR02S, CR21R, CR18Q, CR22S View
111010 Muskingum County 119-00119 Muskingum Debra J. Nye CR30R, CR17W, CR20R View
110530 Village of Dresden 119-22610 Muskingum Natalie Stillion Grable CTA5M View
110529 Village of Frazeysburg 119-28574 Muskingum Jessica Everson CTA1M View
110401 Village of New Concord 119-54446 Muskingum Lynn Marlatt CR26U, CR29M, CR19P View
111032 Village of Philo 119-62442 Muskingum Melanie Smith CR21C View
110388 Village of South Zanesville 119-73894 Muskingum Chris Kerby CR18N, CT68S, CT76T, CR22V View
110512 Village of Caldwell 121-10940 Noble Samantha Ramage CT68O, CT75H, CR15G, CT62I, CR24R, CR22J, CT60S, CR22P View
110616 Allen Township 123-01322 Ottawa Sonia Eischen CE41O, CE30N View
110621 Bay Township 123-04304 Ottawa Bonnie Kasper CE32J, CE46H View
110628 Benton Township 123-05620 Ottawa Gayle S. Millinger CE46Q, CE43O, CE06V View
110630 Carroll Township 123-12266 Ottawa Tina Gyde CE54O View
110599 Carroll Water and Sewer District 123-00387 Ottawa Richard F. Thorbahn CE09H View
110542 City of Port Clinton 123-64150 Ottawa Cole Hatfield CE04T, CE44T, CE12V, CE33G, CE11H, CU15E View
110635 Clay Township 123-15546 Ottawa Christina Sheldon CE16T View
111160 Danbury Township 123-20058 Ottawa Carolyn Adams CE41T View
111039 Harris Township 123-33726 Ottawa Laura Hazel CU31O, CU34O View
111109 Ottawa County 123-00123 Ottawa Jo Ellen Regal CE34S, CE27U, CE46U View
110537 Ottawa County 123-00123 Ottawa Lawrence Hartlaub CE08R, CE31R, CU10F, CU10G, CE04E, CE02P, CE28L, CE46M, CE41J, CE35Q, CE36O, CE38P, CE39I, CE40J, CE18R View
110429 Village of Claycenter 123-15588 Ottawa John Weber CT17F View
110435 Village of Elmore 123-25144 Ottawa Sheri Hayes CE27L, CT22M View
110608 Village of Genoa 123-29722 Ottawa Julie Van Nest CE10U, CE35P, CE33J, CE31L, CE31O, CE31Q, CE29K, CE05M View
110508 Village of Marblehead 123-47502 Ottawa Rhonda Botti Sowers CT72L, CE05N View
111188 Village of Oakharbor 123-57582 Ottawa Amy Drummer CE03R View
111195 Village of Put-In-Bay 123-65032 Ottawa Courtney Blumensaadt CU05K, CE46O, CE55H, CE38K, CE26L, CU408, CT14T View
110432 Village of Antwerp 125-02204 Paulding Aimee Lichty CT19M, CE09S, CE23N, CE13P, CE44O, CE48M, CE18U View
110607 Village of Grover Hill 125-32620 Paulding Susie Moon CT12T View
111181 Village of Melrose 125-49000 Paulding Virginia Scherer CT50U View
111200 Village of Oakwood 125-57792 Paulding Matthew Arellano CE32M, CE18O, CE35B, CE47M, CT16N View
110882 Village of Paulding 125-61252 Paulding Annette D. Hasch CE16S, CT16T, CT73S View
110403 Perry County 127-00127 Perry Drew Cannon CR06V, CR07U, CR24F, CR25F, CR14O, CR19M View
111062 Southern Perry County Water District 127-00289 Perry John Crabtree CR22T, CR18B View
111203 Village of Corning 127-18770 Perry Edward L. O'Nail CT60I, CT78C View
111213 Village of Crooksville 127-19456 Perry Angel Hinkle CR21J, CR22R View
110524 Village of Glenford 127-30436 Perry Linda Nicodemus CR04Q View
111128 Village of Junction City 127-39508 Perry Eleanor M. Noll CR13R View
110400 Village of New Lexington 127-54866 Perry Heather Rockwell CR29B, CR05F, CR26N, CR28U View
110966 Village of New Straitsville 127-55552 Perry Susan L. Miller CR04C View
110395 Village of Roseville 127-68560 Perry Heidi Milner CR04A, CR24L View
110528 Village of Shawnee 127-71962 Perry Wendy Aichele CT48Q View
111063 Village of Somerset 127-72970 Perry Heidi Milner CT56Q, CT59D View
110398 Village of Thornville 127-76680 Perry Melissa Tremblay CR25P, CR13N View
110900 City of Circleville 129-15070 Pickaway Gayle Spangler CQ38T, CQ02R View
110368 Earnhart Hill Regional Water & Sewer District 129-00273 Pickaway EHRWSD/Marsha Griebel-Graham CQ30H View
110363 Pickaway County 129-00129 Pickaway Melissa Betz CQ24F, CQ15O, CQ11M View
110367 Pickaway County 129-00129 Pickaway Chris Mullins CQ28F View
110866 Pickaway Township 129-62484 Pickaway Brian Barr CQ02I View
110520 Village of Ashville 129-02680 Pickaway April Grube CQ39T, CT73N, CT82P View
110362 Village of Commercial Point 129-18070 Pickaway Wendy Hastings CQ24D View
110873 Village of Darbyville 129-20212 Pickaway Kelly Meyers CQ40U View
110878 Village of New Holland 129-54726 Pickaway Mavis L. Yourchuck CQ42U, CT50I, CT95M View
110988 Village of Williamsport 129-85414 Pickaway Gayle Spangler CQ27H, CQ46R, CQ15S, CQ44U View
110372 Walnut Township 129-80598 Pickaway Carol Ramsay CQ32N View
110814 Pike County 131-00131 Pike Pam Hattle CO17M View
110536 Pike County 131-00131 Pike Denny Salisbury CU05N, CO09P, CO28C, CO31F, CO21D, CO18J, CO19D, CO24E, CO24H, CO25E, CO22G, CO23E, CO06N, CO17I View
110899 Pike County 131-00131 Pike Erica Snodgrass CO23Q, CO18P, CO16T, CO20T, CO09R, CO05Q, CO09S, CO18S View
111131 Village of Beaver 131-04696 Pike Marsha L Mathews CO07B, CO13H, CT80M, CT52K View
111098 Village of Piketon 131-62708 Pike Cheryl Overly CO10C, CO17N, CO27F, CT59R, CT58O, CT56K View
110827 Village of Waverly 131-81942 Pike Debbie Whaley CO16D, CO22N, CO21F, CO21L View
110965 City of Aurora 133-03086 Portage Timothy Clymer CG32O, CG43P, CG21E, CG28M View
111202 City of Kent 133-39872 Portage Brian Huff CG20O, CG05M, CG15I, CG35E, CG40C View
111201 City of Kent 133-39872 Portage Brian Huff CG44T, CG28S, CG05R View
110677 City of Ravenna 133-65592 Portage Kimble Cecora CG23T, CG17V, CG30S, CG23R, CG37M, CG35Q, CG24P, CG05K, CG08O, CG18L, CG14F, CG14J, CG02C View
110657 City of Streetsboro 133-75014 Portage Jenny Esarey CG39Q View
110540 Nelson Township 133-53858 Portage John David Finney CU14O View
110673 Portage County 133-00133 Portage Janet Esposito CG26Q, CG21L, CG58M, CG12N, CG07K, CG008, CG02B View
110674 Village of Garrettsville 133-29442 Portage Nancy Baldwin CG60M, CG25L View
110526 Village of Hiram 133-35658 Portage Susan J. Skrovan CG32V View
110678 Village of Mantua 133-47180 Portage Jenny August CG36D, CG46V, CG33S View
110664 Village of Windham 133-85946 Portage Cheree Taylor CG32P, CG24S, CG40R View
110726 City of Eaton 135-24234 Preble Stephanie Hurd CK07A, CK07T View
110905 Monroe Township 135-51548 Preble Mary Ann Fark CK03Q View
110747 Preble County 135-00135 Preble Tom Barnes CK816 View
111005 Somers Township 135-72964 Preble Kelda Bittinger CK02P View
110495 Village of Camden 135-11024 Preble Rebecca Wilson CT63J View
111216 Village of College Corner 135-16700 Preble Jennifer Woods CK25U View
110738 Village of Eldorado 135-24766 Preble Karen Hunt CK20Q, CK22G View
111118 Village of Gratis 135-31472 Preble Rebecca Wilson CK19I, CK06U View
110739 Village of Lewisburg 135-42938 Preble Kanny Schlotterbeck CK20D, CK02C, CT80P View
110449 Village of New Paris 135-55188 Preble Jama Stamback CK12J, CT31C View
110732 Village of Verona 135-79898 Preble Julie Smith CK14G, CK008 View
111208 Village of Verona 135-79898 Preble Leslie Evans CK17U View
110740 Village of West Alexandria 135-82880 Preble Judith Myers-Corn CK09E, CK24C, CK12G View
110918 Village of West Elkton 135-83216 Preble Lavon Wright CK31M, CK931, CK21O View
110725 Village of West Manchester 135-83804 Preble Leslie Evans CK08C View
111075 Miller City Village 137-50358 Putnam Kelly Verhoff CM26T View
110760 Palmer Township 137-59612 Putnam Roger Niese CM10K View
110766 Putnam County 137-00137 Putnam Robert Benroth CM21N View
110779 Village of Columbus Grove 137-18014 Putnam Shana Kerns CM30P, CM03O View
110457 Village of Continental 137-18504 Putnam Susan Darby CT38O, CM10H View
110902 Village of Fort Jennings 137-27818 Putnam Amy Luebrecht CT70L View
110768 Village of Glandorf 137-30282 Putnam Marilyn Ellerbrock CM22Q View
110496 Village of Kalida 137-39536 Putnam Rita Schroeder CT63P, CM35Q, CM20M, CM15P, CM06R, CM33U View
110926 Village of Leipsic 137-42602 Putnam Justin Barnhart CM24D, CM42M View
110777 Village of Ottawa 137-58982 Putnam Barbara J. Hermiller CM17R, CM05Q, CM08P, CM02G View
110477 Village of Ottoville 137-59052 Putnam Jeanne M. Wannemacher CT51F, CM08Q, CM24S View
110910 Village of Pandora 137-59738 Putnam Kimberly Reese CT58M, CM13T View
110834 City of Mansfield 139-47138 Richland Linn Steward CP11I View
111021 City of Shelby 139-72102 Richland Steven T. Lifer CP42S View
110853 Madison Township 139-46578 Richland Sharon Willcox CP36P, CP41S View
110957 Richland County 139-00139 Richland Denise Miller CP09N, CP17Q, CP44M, CP45M, CP27L, CP29G View
110857 Richland County 139-00139 Richland Patrick Dropsey CP24U View
111209 Village of Bellville 139-05284 Richland Aimee Brown CP37W, CT55S, CP04R, CP07R, CP50O, CP32P, CP30G View
110538 Village of Butler 139-10632 Richland James Banks CU11G, CP15N, CP28F View
110848 Village of Lexington 139-42994 Richland James Banks CP31S, CP28J, CP23I, CP20J, CP12L View
110846 Village of Lucas 139-45276 Richland Patricia Constance CP25J View
110841 Village of Ontario 139-58520 Richland Mary Ann Hellinger CP20K, CP13B, CP03L, CP35Q View
110545 Village of Plymouth 139-63800 Richland DiAnn Jamerson CP11N, CU35G View
110892 Village of Shiloh 139-72298 Richland Jillissa Reesman CP04J View
110818 Pleasant Valley Regional Sewer District 141-00263 Ross Charles Scherer CO23C View
110470 Village of Adelphi 141-00450 Ross Art Wilson CT47L View
110519 Village of Clarksburg 141-15336 Ross Kathy Dickey CT82K, CO28F, CT51S View
110521 Village of Frankfort 141-28182 Ross Elizabeth Klingele CT83M, CO18E, CT53S View
110447 Village of Kingston 141-40376 Ross Brian J. Barr CT28P, CO38F View
110541 City of Fremont 143-28826 Sandusky Paul Grahl CU15D, CE48H, CE41U View
110620 Sandusky County 143-00143 Sandusky Jerri Miller CE44Q, CE34O, CE36D, CE23C, CE20B, CE36R, CE40U, CE26S, CE34T View
110612 Sandusky Water and Sewer District 143-00249 Sandusky Cyndi Zienta CE23B, CE38F View
110903 Village of Gibsonburg 143-30072 Sandusky Jeff Holcomb CE30R, CT14F, CE39P, CE36F, CE21K View
110896 Village of Helena 143-34860 Sandusky David Murray CE39R View
111044 Village of Lindsey 143-43904 Sandusky Tracy Overmyer CE10V, CE03F View
110427 Village of Woodville 143-86492 Sandusky Barbara J. Runion CT13F, CE09Q, CE26B View
110613 Woodville Township 143-86506 Sandusky Lori Kepus CE38M View
110811 City of Portsmouth 145-64304 Scioto Trent Williams CO14A, CO09J, CO02K, CO18R View
110500 Rarden Township 145-65522 Scioto Dixie Kirker CO18U View
110820 Scioto County 145-00145 Scioto David Green CO25F, CO19L, CO18G, CO15J, CO16H, CO10E, CO02N, CO02M, CO14T View
110817 Scioto County Regional Water District No. 1 145-00271 Scioto Kathie Edwards CO22E, CO15F, CO13D, CO02J View
110823 Union Township 145-78554 Scioto Christopher Copp CO27B, CO18H, CO15K, CO13F View
110543 City of Fostoria 147-28014 Seneca Steve Garner CP09R, CP35S, CP48O, CP15K, CP22N, CP07O, CP07P, CP08M, CP06U, CP10T View
111147 City of Tiffin 147-76778 Seneca Kathleen E. Kaufman CP03S View
110837 Seneca County 147-00147 Seneca Julie A. Adkins CP17F View
111196 Village of Attica 147-02820 Seneca Michelle Gullett CT67R, CT58H, CP32I View
110855 Village of Bloomville 147-07286 Seneca Janis Weasner CP43O View
110527 Village of Green Springs 147-32256 Seneca Amanda Salinas CP37U, CT91M, CT65N, CT58K, CP12F, CP17L, CP24M, CP24O, CP29J, CP35M View
110865 Village of New Riegel 147-55398 Seneca Megan Reinhart CP43S View
110782 City of Sidney 149-72424 Shelby Ginger Adams CM14S View
110767 Shelby County 149-00149 Shelby Dennis York CM14Q, CM22M View
110968 Village of Anna 149-02092 Shelby Stacy Meyer CM19K, CM11S, CM34E, CM20U View
110771 Village of Botkins 149-07832 Shelby Tamara Ganger CM15T, CM11U View
110466 Village of Fort Loramie 149-27832 Shelby Carolyn Gasson CM22N, CT43K, CT39S View
110774 Village of Jackson Center 149-38220 Shelby Beverly A. Wren CM13J, CM10P, CM32A, CT52T, CM20R View
110761 Village of Russia 149-69344 Shelby Mary Jo Veisard CM10L, CM13V, CM22U View
110408 City of Alliance 151-01420 Stark Kevin G. Knowles CS05L, CS08I, CS02G, CS05A, CS03M, CS03P, CS09U View
110406 City of Canton 151-12000 Stark Richard A. Mallonn CS07Q, CS07R, CS05O, CS06F, CS06I, CS09O, CS02D, CS07S, CS04T, CS05S, CS13U, CS08V, CS08T, CS06T View
110412 City of Louisville 151-45094 Stark Jina Alaback CS07D, CS01U View
110405 City of Massillon 151-48244 Stark Jayne Ferrero CS02Q, CS04F, CS05F, CS04R, CS02R View
110992 City of North Canton 151-56294 Stark Laura Brown CS01N, CS01O, CS01P, CS03J, CS01K View
110407 Perry Township 151-62078 Stark Joe Schlegel CS13V, CS11U, CS08E, CS05H, CS09R View
110410 Stark County 151-00151 Stark James F. Troike CS21M, CS07N, CS07O, CS12P View
111009 Stark County 151-00151 Stark Thomas J. Yankle CS06M, CS10M, CS10O, CS09I, CS01L, CS03K, CS04P, CS01J, CS03S, CS11S, CS02T View
110420 Village of Beach City 151-04458 Stark Debra K. Rentsch CS01S, CS11D, CS03A View
110413 Village of Brewster 151-08504 Stark Kris King CS12D View
110411 Village of Canal Fulton 151-11304 Stark William Rouse CS12S, CS09S, CS08S, CS05P, CS15D, CS04E, CS02H, CS02M, CS01C, CS05Q View
111001 Village of East Canton 151-23324 Stark Michelle Scroggs CT46P, CS08F, CS07I, CS07M View
110885 Village of East Sparta 151-24052 Stark Douglas L. Neading CS08P View
110507 Village of Hartville 151-34328 Stark Scott Varney CT71O View
110503 Village of Magnolia 151-46844 Stark Lorrie Clevenger CT69C View
110963 Village of Minerva 151-50834 Stark Patricia Willoughby CT78F, CT73K, CT83R, CS04K, CS11O, CS09Q View
110409 Village of Wilmot 151-85806 Stark Naomi Yeakley CS13M View
110684 City of Akron 153-01000 Summit Diane Miller-Dawson CH07D, CH06D, CH06G, CH06M, CH06N, CH05C, CH05D, CH05I, CH05N, CH006, CH04J, CH09J, CH11I, CH10I, CH10J, CH09L, CH09M, CH10C, CH08B, CH08D, CH08E, CH08M, CH09A, CH09B, CH09C, CH08I View
111149 City of Barberton 153-03828 Summit Jeremy Flaker CH02P, CH10M, CH04S View
110682 City of Hudson 153-36652 Summit Jeffrey Knoblauch CH12M View
111180 City of Macedonia 153-45976 Summit John M Veres CH08C View
110681 City of Stow 153-74944 Summit John M. Baranek CH07R View
111094 City of Twinsburg 153-78050 Summit Sarah Buccigross CH03S, CH04T, CH07U, CH05R, CH06S, CH09Q, CH08Q, CH11Q, CH19M, CH10L, CH04P, CH05P, CH06P, CH04N, CH02O View
110993 Green Township 153-31864 Summit Steve Schmidt CH07P View
110679 North Hills Water District 153-00293 Summit Jeffrey Snell CH10H View
111058 Richfield Township 153-66544 Summit Mindy Remec CH11M View
110680 Sagamore Hills Township 153-69428 Summit Scott Gale CH11L View
110980 Summit County 153-00153 Summit Michael Weant CH03O View
110898 Village of Boston Heights 153-07790 Summit Betty Klingenberg CT21S, CT13Q View
110437 Village of Lakemore 153-41454 Summit Tracy Fast CH11V View
110933 Village of Northfield 153-56448 Summit Tricia Ingrassia CH08U, CU03J, CH05O, CH05G, CH10E, CH09K, CH15M, CH08F View
110441 Village of Reminderville 153-66152 Summit Deborah Wordell CT26H View
110683 Village of Richfield 153-66530 Summit Sandy Turk CH07F View
111050 Village of Silver Lake 153-72494 Summit Sean M. Housley CH09E, CH09F, CH10D, CH10K, CH04O View
111132 Bazetta Township 155-04444 Trumbull Jeannie Eddy CF26K View
111019 City of Cortland 155-18812 Trumbull Patricia Gibson CF04R, CF19S, CF18Q, CF16P, CF07L, CF08N, CF03J, CF34M, CF16T View
110643 City of Hubbard 155-36582 Trumbull Michael Villano CF06E, CF10N, CF15D View
110977 City of Warren 155-80892 Trumbull Vincent Flask CF24S, CF31M View
110887 Farmington Township 155-26684 Trumbull Jay Allen CT14R View
110640 Howland Township 155-36554 Trumbull Robert Costello CF16Q, CF05U View
110647 Hubbard Township 155-36596 Trumbull Sue Goterba CF32M View
110644 Liberty Township 155-43344 Trumbull Steve Shelton CF12N View
110648 Trumbull County 155-00155 Trumbull Adrian Biviano CF01J, CF17F, CF24G, CF23D, CF02H, CF03E, CF05R, CF03R View
110880 Trumbull County 155-00155 Trumbull Robert Maiorano CF18E, CF18F, CF25D, CF02P, CF08E, CF05G, CF17C, CF01I View
110639 Village of Lordstown 155-44912 Trumbull William Blank CF16B, CF04J, CF01B View
111108 Village of McDonald 155-45934 Trumbull Rick Sebastian CF16C, CF02U View
110964 Village of Newton Falls 155-55650 Trumbull Anna M. Musson CF16F, CF12P, CF21F, CF28G, CF07U View
110646 Weathersfield Township 155-82446 Trumbull Fred Bobovnyk CF29G View
110784 City of Dover 157-22456 Tuscarawas Nicole Stoldt CN09N, CN16S View
110794 City of New Philadelphia 157-55216 Tuscarawas Elizabeth Gundy CN20U, CN26T, CN20G, CN20K, CN29F View
111142 City of Uhrichsville 157-78176 Tuscarawas Julie Pearch CN31M, CN22K, CN15P View
110806 Tuscarawas County 157-00157 Tuscarawas Larry Lindberg CN17J, CN10B, CN23G, CN23I, CN25H, CN19J, CN21N, CN21J, CN28I, CN28O, CN30E, CN30O, CN18M, CN09S, CN22Q View
111215 Twin City Water & Sewer Dist 157-00203 Tuscarawas Nathan B. Davis CN31P View
110488 Village of Baltic 157-03744 Tuscarawas Rose M. Baxter CT59F, CT38L, CT75P View
111120 Village of Dennison 157-21714 Tuscarawas Kathy Norman CN25V, CN20T View
110785 Village of Gnadenhutten 157-30702 Tuscarawas Kim Stull CN27T, CN16C View
111087 Village of Mineral City 157-50764 Tuscarawas Nikki Moore CN25R View
110491 Village of New Comerstown 157-54432 Tuscarawas Lisa Stiteler CT61J, CT52H, CN28Q, CN08G, CN31U View
110455 Village of Sugarcreek 157-75210 Tuscarawas Becky Crilow CT37D, CN12K, CN13T View
110793 Village of Tuscarawas 157-77924 Tuscarawas Kimberly Lyons CN22R, CN28M, CN22P, CN10Q, CT51R View
110999 City of Marysville 159-48160 Union Justin Nahvi CK14J View
111017 Union County 159-00159 Union Letitia Rayl CK02N, CK25T View
110460 Village of Milford Center 159-50218 Union Dawn Barnhardt CT40N View
111214 Village of Richwood 159-66936 Union Sarah Sellers CK28Q, CK09D, CT38T, CT61U View
110759 City of Van Wert 161-79562 Van Wert Martha Balyeat CM07K View
110955 Hoaglin Township 161-35756 Van Wert Sally Snyder CM06T View
111124 Jennings Township 161-38990 Van Wert Mary Lou Macklin CM05V View
111100 Ohio City Village 161-58002 Van Wert Elisha Mankey CT41S, CT59J, CT60M, CT37C, CU06D, CM29P View
111089 Village of Convoy 161-18546 Van Wert Bobbie Jo Yocum CM11I, CM32E, CM32M, CM23Q, CT58P, CT38K View
110473 Village of Middlepoint 161-49728 Van Wert Julie Doner CT48H, CT25Q View
110417 Village of Willshire 161-85736 Van Wert Karen Hunziker CT50T View
111206 Village of Wren 161-86632 Van Wert Susan Isenbarger CT30J View
111153 Village of Hamden 163-32956 Vinton Vicki G. Patton CT61R, CO07I View
111189 Hamilton Township 165-33068 Warren Jim Hunter CJ17O View
111210 Union Township 165-78610 Warren Lauren Koch CJ37M, CJ29U View
111027 Village of South Lebanon 165-73446 Warren Nicole Armstrong CJ10S View
111034 Warren County 165-00165 Warren Matthew Nolan CJ21O, CJ19O, CJ08B, CJ22S View
110382 City of Belpre 167-05424 Washington Leslie Pittenger CR09C, CR14A View
110391 City of Marietta 167-47628 Washington Sherri J. Hess CR11T, CR24S, CR21D, CR05G View
110385 Marietta Township 167-47642 Washington Jeanette Gregory CR17M View
110379 Newport Water & Sewer Dist 167-00199 Washington Jerry Graham CR04T, CR02B View
110932 Tri-County Rural Water & Sewer Dist 167-00191 Washington Candice Armstrong CR17N, CR20G, CR14C, CR314, CR935, CR729, CR530, CR05T View
110392 Village of Beverly 167-06222 Washington Pamela Jackson CR19I, CR14K, CR21P, CT21U View
110985 Village of Matamoras 167-48286 Washington Carol Evans-Danver CT70E, CTA4M, CR27G, CT67B View
110404 Washington County 167-00167 Washington William McFarland CR18P, CR08N, CR15V, CR19A View
110862 City of Orrville 169-58828 Wayne Janet L. Strimlan CP39S, CP27J, CP13K View
110842 City of Rittman 169-67356 Wayne Pamela Keener CP12G, CP20N, CP29S, CP39T View
110858 City of Wooster 169-86548 Wayne Andrei Dordea CP46Q, CP41P, CP38N, CP45O, CP29L, CP26J, CP05L, CP09J, CP03I, CP05F View
110849 Village of Apple Creek 169-02232 Wayne Lauretta Busson CP26M, CP30N View
110851 Village of Creston 169-19344 Wayne Helen Uhler CP18J, CP31E, CP22G View
110844 Village of Dalton 169-19974 Wayne Cheryl Drew CP23E, CP10S, CP33U View
110838 Village of Doylestown 169-22568 Wayne Kristen Robison CP17M, CP08L, CP43Q, CP04T, CP39V View
110839 Village of Marshallville 169-48048 Wayne David Govern CT70T, CP17C, CP20D View
110856 Village of Shreve 169-72396 Wayne Jessica L. Flinner CP43P, CT44Q View
111090 Village of Smithville 169-72788 Wayne Pamela Keener CP07S, CP11B, CP11J, CP26C, CP26D, CP21V View
110923 Village of West Salem 169-84196 Wayne Jeni Webb CP39P, CP44T View
110850 Wayne County 169-00169 Wayne Carol Zemrock CP30O, CP16H, CP18M, CP28R, CP40S, CP21T View
110952 Springfield Township 171-74131 Williams Patti Rosebrock CT20T View
110619 Village of Edon 171-24640 Williams Heidi Bidwell CE43G View
110602 Village of Holiday City 171-35864 Williams Lauri Rupp CE28D View
111074 Village of Montpelier 171-51772 Williams Nikki Uribes CE21E View
110632 Village of Pioneer 171-62834 Williams April McMillen CE16H, CE21S, CE08B View
110601 Williams County 171-00171 Williams Deborah Nester CE18T View
110624 City of Rossford 173-68686 Wood Karen Freeman CE50Q, CE33R View
110622 Northwestern Water and Sewer District (Dist 5) 173-00255 Wood Dave E. Cook CE49O, CE37F, CE33E View
110634 Perrysburg Township 173-62162 Wood Shirley Haar CE43Q, CE40R View
110431 Village of Bloomdale 173-07062 Wood Kay Bell CT17H View
110911 Village of Bradner 173-08112 Wood Kerstan Kaminski CE45O, CE21F, CE19N, CE34K View
110627 Village of Luckey 173-45332 Wood Connie Heflin CE52H, CE47O View
110606 Village of Millbury 173-50260 Wood Gretchen Densic CE31I, CE34P View
111185 Village of North Baltimore 173-56154 Wood Anthony T Swartz CT25M, CE10T, CE32B, CE42P View
110894 Village of Pemberville 173-61504 Wood Sarah C. Dyer CT09G, CE07S, CE35S View
111171 Village of Portage 173-64108 Wood Duane Donalson CE49Q View
110610 Village of Risingsun 173-67314 Wood Fiscal Officer CE37J, CE34I View
110617 Village of Tontogany 173-77070 Wood Ryan Harnishfeger CE41Q, CE36I View
110625 Village of Walbridge 173-80486 Wood Patricia Crawford CE44U View
110629 Village of Wayne 173-82334 Wood Melissa Repasz CE53Q View
110969 Wood County 173-00173 Wood Matthew Oestreich CE35O View
110860 City of Upper Sandusky 175-79044 Wyandot Mark Droll CP38S, CP34E, CP34P, CP35P, CP36O, CP44P, CP07F View
110904 Village of Carey 175-12112 Wyandot Nichole Coppler CT69R View
111073 Village of Nevada 175-53942 Wyandot Cynthia Ernsberger CP31I, CT59O View
110498 Village of Sycamore 175-75980 Wyandot Chris Moler CT65F View
111028 Village of Wharton 175-84574 Wyandot Laurie Maurer CT40Q View