OPWC Loan Invoices & Online Payment Portal

Attention! For all invoices being paid via check for the January 2022 billing cycle, OPWC's address will change to a lockbox. Checks submitted after November 1st, should go to the lockbox for processing. DO NOT SEND CHECKS TO OUR PREVIOUS PHYSICAL ADDRESS LOCATION. All OPWC loan repayments should be directed to: Ohio Public Works Commission, P.O. Box 715582, Cincinnati, OH 45271-5582. 

  • The Online Payment Portal is the Preferred Way to Pay. This is not set up to be ACH and our office cannot accomodate ACH requests. You must pay online via the payment portal (link below).

  • Payments are processed in real time and will draft your account within one to two business days. We cannot auto-draft your account or schedule payments.

  • You may confirm payment by selecting “INVOICES” at the top of the Portal (next to Home button in upper left-hand corner) and select “PAID INVOICES”. You should see your payment listed on the paid invoice screen.

  • If needed for online payments, OPWC’s Company ID is: 1OHOPWCLoa

  • We discourage mailed-in checks, if possible please remit payment online via our portal.

  • Any changes to your CFO name/mailing address/email must be emailed to OPWC.Loans@pwc.ohio.gov. We must have an email on file so that, in the future, we can directly email invoices and amortization schedules.

  • Your loan may be paid in full at any time without penalty. You can confirm your loan balance HERE.
  • OPWC only allows communities to pay what is due on invoice OR pay the loan in full. We cannot currently allow communities to overpay on their loans. We thank you for your understanding.
  • Contact us with any questions by emailing OPWC.Loans@pwc.ohio.gov. We will respond to your requests as quickly as possible and thank you for your patience.

Starting November 1st, 2021, all loan repayments made by check should be sent to:

Ohio Public Works Commission

P.O. Box 715582

 Cincinnati, OH 45271-5582