If you have a loan in billing with Ohio Public Works, please use this page and the search buttons below to download your invoice for the current billing cycle. If you would like to see balance or payoff information, please click HERE to download your loan reports. Contact Abbey DeHart or Kirsten Howard with any questions.

Important Items to Note:

  • Loans may be paid in full at any time with no penalty.
  • OPWC does NOT accept lock box, ACH, or online payments at this time.
  • If you have changes to your Fiscal Officer, please notate them on the required remittance form (page 2 of the invoice) to be returned with the check.

Checks should be addressed to Ohio Treasurer and sent to:

Ohio Public Works Commission, 65 East State Street, Suite 312, Columbus, OH 43215

Subdivision Name:
Loan Number:

Subdivision #:
Invoice Number:
Invoice Number Subdivision Name Subdivision# County CFO Name Loan Number Invoice Link
110125 Village of Jeromesville 005-39060 Ashland Amanda Jolliff CP35N View
109542 Athens Township 009-02750 Athens Brenda Cox CT63B View
110179 Trimble Township Wastewater Treatment Dist 009-00189 Athens Amber Mayle CR09T View
109438 City of St.Clairsville 013-69526 Belmont Cindi L. Henry CR25M, CR10L, CR02Q, CR03N, CR05H, CR13E, CR20H, CR23F View
110151 Pultney Township 013-64962 Belmont Marla Krupnik CR02U View
109895 Village of Aberdeen 015-00142 Brown Karen Campbell CO26C View
110112 Village of Higginsport 015-35168 Brown Sheila G Dufau CT50G View
110167 Village of Ripley 015-67272 Brown Brooke Butcher CT45L, CT43I View
110111 City of Hamilton 017-33012 Butler David Jones CJ23T, CJ02U, CJ02R, CJ09R View
109798 Village of Mechanicsburg 021-48706 Champaign Daniel Eck CK18R View
109523 Pleasant Township 023-63226 Clark Sherrie Leach CT50M View
109981 Village of South Charleston 023-73124 Clark Jessica Hiser CK21S, CT18J, CK13Q View
109548 Village of New Richmond 025-55384 Clermont Lyn Baird CT65J, CJ17E, CJ21F View
110051 City of Wellsville 029-82740 Columbiana Hoi Wah Black CT44E, CT49E, CT69M View
109532 Village of Leetonia 029-42560 Columbiana Randy Chismar CN29Q View
109912 City of Galion 033-29162 Crawford Brian L. Treisch CP20G, CP18D, CP02L, CP29Q, CP05S View
110250 Village of Crestline 033-19330 Crawford Sherry Winch CP29R, CP32Q, CP32E, CP25I, CP18L, CP35U View
109601 City of Brook Park 035-09288 Cuyahoga Gregory Cingle CA02Q, CA07I, CA04M View
110117 City of Cleveland 035-16000 Cuyahoga Rachel Fellure CU17P View
110085 City of Cleveland Heights 035-16014 Cuyahoga Laurie Sabin CA20H, CA29M, CA22B, CA10P, CA12D, CA04F, CA09B, CA05K View
109594 City of East Cleveland 035-23380 Cuyahoga Jack Johnson CA509, CA02D, CA08A, CA15L, CA22H, CA23A, CU30J View
109603 City of Rocky River 035-68056 Cuyahoga Michael Thomas CA12O, CA09L, CA11K, CA12J, CA14I, CA14M, CA16Q, CA10R, CA05R View
110131 Village of Cuyahoga Heights 035-19806 Cuyahoga Angel Meriwether CA08P View
109535 Village of Oakwood 035-57750 Cuyahoga Brian Thompson CT02S, CT04P, CT03G, CT57J, CT04R View
109615 Village of Valley View 035-79268 Cuyahoga Edward V. Premen CA905 View
109679 Village of Castalia 043-12476 Erie Robert Day CE42O View
110190 Village of Lithopolis 045-44086 Fairfield Amanda Wolin CQ26S, CQ10N View
109406 Village of Pleasantville 045-63716 Fairfield Penny Marquart CQ13J, CQ07H, CQ25E, CQ25R, CQ21P, CQ22D, CQ12U, CQ05T View
109411 Village of Stoutsville 045-74916 Fairfield Barbara Goodman CQ30H View
109403 Walnut Township 045-80570 Fairfield Lynn Kraner CQ10U View
109639 City of Bexley 049-06278 Franklin Beecher Hale CC04R, CC05P, CC15Q, CC04H, CC04I, CC06K, CC10O, CC12M View
109636 City of Hilliard 049-35476 Franklin David D. Delande CC10M View
110202 Franklin County 049-00049 Franklin Michael Stinziano CC01T View
109675 Fulton County 051-00051 Fulton Brett Kolb CE38O, CE35J, CE23I, CE34L, CE40M, CE21J, CE29N, CE32R, CE33U, CE29U, CE38T, CE42T View
109584 Village of Centerville 053-13169 Gallia David House CU04P, CT41B View
109861 City of Cambridge 059-10996 Guernsey Suellen Johnson CN18D, CN20P View
109499 Village of Cumberland 059-19694 Guernsey Stephen Z. Bradley CT37B View
110027 Village of Quaker City 059-65116 Guernsey Crystal Taylor CT45S, CT55F View
109999 Village of Salesville 059-70072 Guernsey Crystal Taylor CT43C View
110057 Columbia Township 061-16882 Hamilton Caroline Heekin CB25T View
109630 Village of Cleves 061-16028 Hamilton Kathy Volk CB02T, CB45R, CB34R, CB27O, CB21O View
109467 Village of Elmwood Place 061-25186 Hamilton Nancy Riley CT09M View
109841 Village of Mount Blanchard 063-52598 Hancock Andrea Kuenzli CM24N View
109878 Harrison County 067-00067 Harrison Patrick Moore CN32F View
109692 Henry County Regional Water & Sewer District 069-00303 Henry Timothy Phillips CE51Q, CE27I, CE56M View
109660 Village of Florida 069-27538 Henry Jason Lieb CE21O View
109663 Village of Hamler 069-33096 Henry Shelly Grant CE28G, CE18P, CE25Q View
110105 City of Norwalk 077-57302 Huron Michelle Reeder CI36P, CI34N, CI02P, CI03E, CI03I, CI25J, CI18C, CI14T, CI56T, CI07U View
109868 Island Creek Township 081-37534 Jefferson Darla Van Fossen CN29O View
110245 Village of Dillonvale 081-22022 Jefferson Art Panepucci CN26D View
109863 Village of Tiltonsville 081-76806 Jefferson Korrene Prince CN22F, CN24I View
109408 City of Mount Vernon 083-53102 Knox Terry Scott CQ25L, CQ16D, CQ27M View
109398 Clay Township 083-15504 Knox Dedra Kidwell CQ27U, CQ16P View
109716 City of Willoughby Hills 085-85512 Lake Frank J. Brichacek CU16O, CG05F, CG11H View
109724 Village of Madison 085-46480 Lake Kristie Crockett CG20D View
110254 Village of Timberlake 085-76834 Lake Mike Stanton CG19S View
110066 Jersey Township 089-39102 Licking Marko Jesenko CQ49V, CQ18Q View
109821 Springfield Township 095-74123 Lucas Barbara Dietze CL11M, CL23R, CL28U View
110102 City of Campbell 099-11066 Mahoning Ioannis Tiliakos CF33M View
109712 City of Struthers 099-75126 Mahoning Christina Bohl CF23K, CF29M, CF010, CF09N View
109528 Village of Middleport 105-49756 Meigs Susan Baker CT53D View
109426 Village of Pomeroy 105-64024 Meigs Susan Baker CR08P, CR08K, CR10D, CR15B, CR08R View
110053 Village of Casstown 109-12462 Miami Amanda Shoup CK33M, CT39N View
109803 Village of Laura 109-42028 Miami Gretchen Slagle CK15E View
109579 Village of Dresden 119-22610 Muskingum Natalie Stillion Grable CTA5M View
109443 Village of New Concord 119-54446 Muskingum Lynn Marlatt CR26U, CR19P, CR29M View
109587 Ottawa County 123-00123 Ottawa Lawrence Hartlaub CE08R, CE31R, CU10F, CU10G, CE04E, CE05A, CE004, CE02P, CE28L, CE40J, CE38P, CE39I, CE41J, CE46M, CE35Q, CE36O, CE18R View
110210 Village of Junction City 127-39508 Perry Eleanor M. Noll CR13R View
109577 Village of Shawnee 127-71962 Perry Wendy Aichele CT963, CT48Q View
109939 Pickaway Township 129-62484 Pickaway Brian Barr CQ02I View
109569 Village of Ashville 129-02680 Pickaway April Grube CQ39T, CT73N, CT82P View
110213 Village of Beaver 131-04696 Pike Marsha L Mathews CT52K, CT80M, CO07B, CO13H View
109808 Village of Lewisburg 135-42938 Preble Kanny Schlotterbeck CK23A, CK20D, CK02C, CT80P View
109494 Village of New Paris 135-55188 Preble Jama Stamback CK12J, CT31C View
109802 Village of Verona 135-79898 Preble Julie Smith CK14G, CK008 View
109545 Village of Kalida 137-39536 Putnam Rita Schroeder CT63P, CM35Q, CM15P, CM20M, CM06R, CM33U View
109921 Village of Bellville 139-05284 Richland Brigette Gatton CP30G, CP32P, CP50O, CP07R, CP04R, CT55S View
109568 Village of Clarksburg 141-15336 Ross Kathy Dickey CT82K, CO28F, CT51S View
109570 Village of Frankfort 141-28182 Ross Elizabeth Klingele CT83M, CO18E, CT53S View
109491 Village of Kingston 141-40376 Ross Brian J. Barr CT28P, CO38F View
109890 Scioto County Regional Water District No. 1 145-00271 Scioto Kathie Edwards CO22E, CO13D, CO15F, CO02J View
109593 City of Fostoria 147-28014 Seneca Steve Garner CP35S, CP09R, CP22N, CP15K, CP08M, CP48O, CP07O, CP07P, CP10T, CP06U View
109576 Village of Green Springs 147-32256 Seneca Amanda Salinas CP37U, CT91M, CT65N, CT58K, CP24M, CP24O, CP29J, CP12F, CP17L, CP35M View
109449 Perry Township 151-62078 Stark Joe Schlegel CS09R, CS08E, CS05H, CS11U View
110081 Village of East Canton 151-23324 Stark Michelle Scroggs CT46P, CS07I, CS07M, CS08F View
109745 North Hills Water District 153-00293 Summit Jeffrey Snell CH10H View
109746 Sagamore Hills Township 153-69428 Summit Scott Gale CH11L View
109481 Village of Lakemore 153-41454 Summit Tracy Fast CH11V View
110201 Village of Dennison 157-21714 Tuscarawas Kathy Norman CN20T, CN25V View
109866 Village of Tuscarawas 157-77924 Tuscarawas Kimberly Lyons CN22R, CN28M, CN22P, CT51R View
109795 Village of Richwood 159-66936 Union Timothy P. Goodwin CK09D, CK28Q, CT38T, CT61U View
109459 Village of Willshire 161-85736 Van Wert Karen Hunziker CT50T View
109787 Union Township 165-78610 Warren Sharon Lawhorn CJ29U, CJ37M View
110116 Warren County 165-00165 Warren Matthew Nolan CJ08B View
109446 Washington County 167-00167 Washington William McFarland CR08N, CR18P, CR19A View
109924 Village of Creston 169-19344 Wayne Helen Uhler CP18J, CP22G, CP31E View
109911 Village of Marshallville 169-48048 Wayne David Govern CT70T, CP17C, CP20D View
110001 Village of West Salem 169-84196 Wayne Jeni Webb CP44T View
110252 Village of Portage 173-64108 Wood Duane Donalson CE49Q View
109690 Village of Wayne 173-82334 Wood Melissa Repasz CE53Q View
110155 Village of Nevada 175-53942 Wyandot Cynthia Ernsberger CP31I, CT59O View
109547 Village of Sycamore 175-75980 Wyandot Chris Moler CT65F View