Chief Financial Officer's Administration Documents


Reminder: Our staff remain teleworking. We’ve been experiencing a variety of issues with disbursements and since several staff “touch” the request and we must have auditable records, we ask that each submission use the following protocol. This will make the process go more smoothly and, therefore, faster. It should also prevent us from asking you to resubmit.

  • Provide the completed and signed disbursement form with succinct, supporting documentation
  • Organize as a single PDF, if possible
  • PDF should be organized with the three page disbursement request first followed by supporting documentation
  • Transmittal letters are unnecessary unless needed to explain an unusual circumstance reflected on page 1 of the disbursement form. In that case, place the letter/explanation after the third page of the disbursement form before the support documentation.
  • Label the PDF with the Project ID
  • Email only to the appropriate program representative (do not mail a hard copy). Complete listing of staff emails is found here
  • Limit the email to a single request

We appreciate these efforts as it helps us help you, and helping you is our priority. 😊

You can check the status of the submitted request HERE

•  Infrastructure Disbursement Request Instructions and Infrastructure Disbursement Request XLS Template

Visit here for Clean Ohio Disbursement Request Forms

**Have all authorized signatories sign page 2 and inform your program representative in writing if there is a change in any of these officials.

•  Payment Status – Use this link to see if the payment has been entered into OAKS and if so, the payment issuance date. 

•  Payment Confirmation – Letter to the CFO that a disbursement has been made. Sample letter

•  Disbursement History – These reports show payments made in the past 18 months by Project Number. 


OPWC no longer uses a Vendor Approval Form (formerly known as Request to Proceed). To not delay payments, our customers are responsible for ensuring that chosen suppliers (vendors) are in the state payment system before submitting a Disbursement request. Updated monthly, this list shows suppliers that are in the system. If your supplier is not listed, please direct them to the State of Ohio’s Enterprise Identity Management System, OH|ID, to access the Ohio Supplier Portal to create an account. While there, suppliers can also apply for EFT which can reduce processing time by two or three days in that payments are completed electronically to the supplier’s bank account. The Portal is also used to make changes including addresses, name changes, and bank account information for those who currently have EFT 

Need more information? Download the OBM Supplier Portal Navigational Guide. Ohio Shared Services is also happy to help by email ( or phone (877-644-6771).

If you need to contact OPWC about your supplier, we have an email address just for you (

Visit HERE if you have concerns of fraud within the State of Ohio

OPWC is not currently sending out hard copy Payment Confirmation Letters due to continued teleworking as a result of COVID-19. You can use this page to download your payment confirmation letter(s) for any payments made in 2021. To search for your specific payment confirmation letter, select the document below and hit "CTRL" "F" and search for your project ID in the letter. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to maintain business continuity while teleworking.

Payments made from April to now can be confirmed on our payment status webpage. Once we fully transition to our new portal, payments will be able to be viewed here. Email your program rep with questions regarding payment status. 

NOTE: Payment confirmation letters are posted by the end of the month following the payment month. 

December 2020 Infrastructure Payment Confirmation Letters

December 2020 Clean Ohio Payment Confirmation Letters

January 2021 Infrastructure Payment Confirmation 

January 2021 Clean Ohio Payment Confirmation 

February 2021 Infrastructure Payment Confirmation

February 2021 Clean Ohio Payment Confirmation

March 2021 Infrastructure Payment Confirmation

March 2021 Clean Ohio Payment Confirmation