Auditor's References

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Project Disbursement Report by Subdivision

Attention: Please note that 2019 Year End Balances will be available mid-January 2020 after our end of month reports have run. Thank you for your patience.

The following reports document the status of loans and loan repayments to OPWC.

To search the reports below, use CTRL + F and then the subdivision number, subdivision name or loan number. Contact OPWC for archived projects not listed in these documents.

Note that OPWC only administers State funds.

OPWC loan repayments are not considered in calculation of overall net indebtedness of a subdivision pursuant to ORC 133.04(7). Note that OPWC only administers State funds

If you are unable to find the loan information you are seeking on our website, you can email the Assistant CFO at and request the information you are seeking. Please include all loan numbers in question, as well as the Subdivision Code of local government.

July 2020 Loan Deferment Letter for Auditing Records

Please note that the OPWC cannot be responsible for completing information for each loan due to the large amount of audit information requests. We will, however, provide you the necessary documentation or clarifications to complete your audit.

Download copies of the project agreements here.