District Five DPWIC Members

Name Representing Phone Number Email
Melinda K. Sprow P.E. County Commissioners of Defiance County Phone: 419 784-2249 msprow@cityofdefiance.com
Stephen Poggiali Erie County Commissioners Phone: 419 627-6671 stevep@eriecounty.oh.gov
Frank Onweller P.E., P.S. Fulton County Commissioners Phone: 419 335-3816 fonweller@fultoncountyoh.com
Glenn A. Miller Henry County Commissioners Phone: 419 592-4876 commissioners@henrycountyohio.com
Ron Lajti P.E., P.S., EC Chair County Commissioners of Ottawa County Phone: 419 734-6777 rlajti@co.ottawa.oh.us
Tony Zartman Paulding County Commissioners Phone: 419 399-8215 pccommissioners@pauldingcountyoh.com
Carlos Baez P.E., P.S. Sandusky County Commissioners Phone: 419 334-9731 cbaez@co.sandusky.oh.us
Todd Roth P.E., P.S. Williams County Commissioners Phone: 419 636-2454 troth@wmscoengineer.com
John Musteric P.E., P.S., Vice Chair Wood County Commissioners Phone: 419 354-9060 jmusteric@co.wood.oh.us
Warren Schlatter P.E., P.S., EC Vice Chair Defiance County Cities - Defiance Phone: 419 782-4751 dce@defiance-county.com
Aaron Klein P.E. Erie County Cities - Huron, Sandusky, Vermilion Phone: 419 627-5829 aklein@ci.sandusky.oh.us
Dennis Richardson Fulton County Cities - Wauseon Phone: 419 335-9871 dennis.richardson@cityofwauseon.com
Chad Lulfs P.E., P.S. Henry County Cities - Napoleon Phone: 419 592-4010 clulfs@napoleonohio.com
Hugh Wheeler Jr. Ottawa County Cities - Port Clinton Phone: 419 734-5522 pcmayor@portclinton-oh.gov
Greg Reinhart Paulding County Cities - Paulding, Largest Village Phone: 419 399-4614 pldgvil@paulding-net.com
Kevin Scagnetti P.E. Sandusky County Cities-Bellevue, Clyde, Fremont Phone: 419 484-8400 kevin.scagnetti@cityofbellevue.com
Brian Wieland P.E. Williams County Cities - Bryan Phone: 419 636-8079 bwieland@cityofbryan.com
Brian Craft Wood Co Cities-Bowling Grn, Northwd,Perrysburg, Ro Phone: 419 354-6227 brian.craft@bgohio.org
Larry Burkholder Township Trustees in District Phone: 419 583-6394 lburkholder72@gmail.com
Berdon Short Township Trustees in District Phone: 419 737-2911 bobshort@hotmail.com
Bruce Colwell Township Trustees in District Phone: 419 395-2626 cowsrule@ayersvilletelco.com
Edward Kidston Villages in District Phone: 419 737-2352 eak@aopwater.com
Gary Baker Villages in District Phone: 419 822-5300 administrator@holidaycityohio.org
James Brown Villages in District Phone: 419 542-8095 viladmin@defnet.com
Timothy Schumm P.E., P.S., Chair County Engineers Phone: 419 592-2976 hce@henrycountyohio.com
Bill Cody Private Sector Phone: 419 256-7433 billcody@metalink.net

District Five NRAC Members

Name Representing Phone Number Email
Brian Wieland District 5 Public Works Integrating Committee Phone: 419 633-6012 bwieland@cityofbryan.com
Beth Landers Wood Soil and Water Conservation District Phone: 419 354-5517 bethlanders@woodswcd.com
Matthew Old Erie County Phone: 419 602-7815 old@eriecounty.oh.gov
Tim Schetter Black Swamp Conservancy Phone: 419 461-0501 tim.schetter@metroparkstoledo.com
Steve Gruner, Vice Chair Sandusky County Park District Phone: 419 334-4495 grun762@msn.com
Mark Witt ODNR Forestry Division Phone: 419 898-0960 mark.witt@dnr.state.oh.us
Nick Rettig ORC 164.21 (5) - Business and Planning Phone: 419 599-7370 hencopc@bright.net
Steve Poggiali City of Vermilion Phone: 419 627-6671 stevep@eriecounty.oh.gov
Neil Munger, Chair Wood County Park District Phone: 419 353-1897 nmunger@wcparks.org
Christina Kuchle City of Bowling Green Phone: 419 429-8306 christina.kuchle@dnr.state.oh.us
Emma Kirkpatrick Maumee Valley Planning Organization Phone: 419 784-3882 planner2@mvpo.org